Where to go on a trip with a dog: Western Tatras - Račkové plesá (25 k– Canis Lab

Where to go on a trip with a dog: Western Tatras - Račkové plesá (25 km)

Where to go on a trip with a dog: Western Tatras - Račkové plesá (25 km)

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ATC Račkova dolina - Račkové Plesá - Klin - Račkova dolina

24 km, part of which is an educational trail, elevation gain 1,452 m, walking time 6 hours 2 minutes.
Difficulty : For us, a moderately demanding all-day hike without technically demanding sections.
Surface : Asphalt, macadam, forest road, rocks.
Parking : There are 4 paid parking lots in the vicinity of the "Narrow valley, estuary" signpost, the furthest of which is 306 m.

If you are not from the vicinity of the Western Tatras or if you are not a passionate fan of getting up very early in the morning, I recommend starting the trip the day BEFORE the hike itself. Ideally, extend it to the day AFTER and enjoy the evening in nature instead of going home. On Friday evening, we made a camp in Račkova dolina, which is situated in the middle of the forest and has an incredible atmosphere - anyone who has been there knows what I'm talking about.

So in the morning we leave the campsite (we leave the car here, so we don't have to worry about parking) following the green/red sign in the direction of the "Uzka dolina, ustie" signpost. A short distance below the signpost is a paid parking lot and a typical red wooden "panak" for this area, which you definitely cannot miss.

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We continue along the Educational shepherd's trail in Račkova dolina to the Jamnicka and Račkova dolina Crossroads. Here, if necessary, you can relax in the gazebo and continue along the Educational Trail - yellow sign further to Račkova dolina. There is a spring in the middle of the Račka valley itself, where you can replenish your water supply if necessary.

As for the dogs' drinking regime, you don't have to worry - there are enough places on the route where they can drink. After the next signpost, you will pass 2 more gazebos where you can rest, and just below "Rázcestím pod Klinom" directly on the sidewalk you will come across the Shelter-Koliba pod Klinom. Attention, this cozy cabin is only used for an emergency sleepover, so definitely do not plan to spend the night here :) It is the highest cabin in Slovakia (1427 m above sea level), which once served as a refuge for shepherds, as evidenced by the photos of the interior of the cabin.

A trip with a dog to the Tatras

From Rázcestí pod Klinom we continue to the left following the yellow sign towards Račkové plesá and the Končistá peak (2002 m above sea level), which is already on the Polish side of the Tatras. Polish tourists here are enthusiastic and smile from ear to ear at dog tourists (probably also because it is forbidden for them to move with a dog in the national park, so they are not often seen on tours). Here the terrain starts to become a little more challenging, really only a little - big rocks, but both two-legged and four-legged people can climb them perfectly. Besides the beauty that is everywhere around you, you won't even think of complaining about the terrain :)

We go around Račkové plés, the number of which varies according to the amount of water. At the ball, we look at each other with the marmot family and continue to Končista. Here we take a picture and continue along the ridge with the red marker to the top of Klin (2173 m above sea level). There are wonderful views of Končisté, Klin and the entire ridge wherever you turn. We couldn't get bored and stop taking pictures, even though the visibility and the weather weren't the most ideal.

Ball for a trip with a dog

From Klin, we continue along the red sign until we connect to the green sign that leads over Gáborovo sedlo, where we meet the marmot family again. "Dad Marmot" announced us in such a way that the entire Western Tatras must have known about us. Dexter was just wondering what was going on :) At the Crossroads in Gábor's valley, also called Gábor's ass, we dismount and unpack our supplies. Here, Dexter also sits down and rests for a while.

At this point, the green sign joins the blue and continues to Rozcestí pod Klinom. From there, after a short break at Kolibka, we continued down the same route.

A trip with a dog to the Slovak Tatras


Everyone can bring their own snacks in their own backpack + blueberries and wild strawberries are available in season. Meals are also available before or after the hike in the Račkova dolina autocamp (buffet open until 8:00 p.m.) or in Horská Chata Orešnica (restaurant open until 7:00 p.m., bar until 8:00 p.m.).


In addition to the natural beauty of the Western Tatras and breathtaking views, here you can see photogenic wooden sculptures, Tajch on the Račkovo stream, Educational shepherd's trail, Koliba pod Klinom, Račkové plesá, the very top of Končistá and Klin.

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