Where to go on a trip with a dog: České středohoří - Hlinná (12 km)– Canis Lab

Where to go on a trip with a dog: České středohoří - Hlinná (12 km)

Where to go on a trip with a dog: České středohoří - Hlinná (12 km)

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The whole trip takes about 12 km. The route leads mainly through forest paths and takes us to places with the most beautiful views in this part of the Bohemian Central Mountains. On the route we will encounter a steeper climb when climbing Varhošť hill.

Route to Hlinna - Where to go for a trip with the dog


This route is located in the hills above Litoměřice . The route starts and ends at the parking lot in front of the village of Hlinna . The parking lot is gravel and is free.


We follow the yellow tourist sign towards Plešivec hill. We know the hill well, so we went around it on the bike path and connected to the blue hiking trail behind Plešivec. But if you have the time, I recommend scrambling up. There is a seating area and a wonderful view at the " Under Trabicí " signpost. Then the road leads down and through the village of Tlučeň to Kundratice .
Green tourist markings led us to a crossroads, from where we set off on a small off-trail walk to Krkavčí skála. From there, following the yellow markings, we had the steepest climb to Varhošť hill, where there is a newly repaired lookout tower. From Varhoště we went to Holý vrch , where the views are the most beautiful. If you have time, you can climb another peak, Hradiště . We walked along the nature trail back to Hlinná.

A trip with a dog in the Bohemian Central Mountains


There is only a small pub in the village of Hlinná. On the route , it is better to have enough water with you, even for the dogs.


The route is not usually busy with tourists. You might meet a few people here and there on one of the peaks, but that's about it. On the other hand, there is plenty of game and the dogs must be kept under control. Sika deer are the most active here.

Dog on a trip - České středohoří


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