Canis Lab Cup

Welcome to the Canis Lab Cup!

The largest Czech-Slovak mushing cup.

We set ourselves the goal of showing mushing at its best, raising its level and sharing the joy of the sport.

We want to motivate competitors of all levels, help them grow and improve their performance.

Important races across the Czech Republic and Slovakia are included in the Canis Lab Cup. This is the largest team championship in our country for all mushing disciplines.

Build your team, collect points during the season and become the champion!

Frequently asked questions

In case of further questions, use the chat here on the website or write to

How to apply for Canis Lab Cup?

Build a team of up to 6 competitors and log in using the "Log in" button.

What disciplines are within the Canis Lab Cup?

We combine most musher disciplines. It always depends on the specific race. Here you can find canicross, scootering, skijoring and bikejoring.

Do all team members have to go to all races?

They don't have to. It depends on your strategy. Points are collected for the individual placings of individual team members throughout the season. It's up to you which races you join.

How are points collected?

The placings of individual team members from each race are counted: 1st place - 40 points 2nd place - 30 points 3rd place - 20 points 4th place - 17 points 5th place - 16 points like this one point at a time until the 20th place. Chilli: 19th place - 2 points 20th place - 1 point


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