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BARF calculator for dogs

Do you want to know how much a dog should eat on BARF and what is its optimal dose?
Try the simple BARF dog food calculator!
Enter your dog's information and the BARF calculator will accurately calculate the daily dose of dog food. You will receive your individual instructions on how to feed BARF!

The amount of food for dogs depends on individual factors such as age, weight, activity and health. In general, we recommend feeding an adult dog twice a day. Puppies need more frequent feeding, which gradually decreases with age.

The BARF calculator will calculate for you
  • exact dose of individual food components
  • the exact dose of recommended supplements, which you cannot do without on BARF
  • individual instructions on how to feed BARf for your dog's needs

We make BARF easy
Barfing will be easy with the BARF calculator! Find out how much protein, fat, but also vitamins and minerals the dog needs for its development to proceed as it should. Because health begins in the bowl. The BARF calculator ensures a healthy and balanced diet for your dog.
Here we go!

* The results of the calculator are indicative only and may vary according to your dog's specific needs. Always consult an expert regarding your dog's diet.
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