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Racing Team

During product development, we work with professionals from various dog sports - canicross, mushing, agility, Skijöring... They test how our nutrition will withstand the most demanding conditions of top sports.

Both canine and human athletes were satisfied and the products held up well. And because the cooperation worked great, we decided to expand it and founded a sports team .

Thanks to this, we can support promising athletes, improve our products and at the same time spread the idea of ​​safe and responsible sports.

Our Drippers team soon became one of the most successful dog sports in the world . It's great to see professional sports and dog health go hand in hand.

Just #Fast&Healthy

After some time, the Canis Lab Team was also created, which connects canine athletes of all levels. We create a community of people and dogs who want to constantly improve their performance and agree with our idea of ​​healthy sports.

Our athletes

Lucia Pelikanová

ICF Canicross World Champion


Lubo Kočík

8th place from the Canicross World Championship


Lea Jurigová

3rd place from the CR Championship in canicross


Mary Kotuliáková

3rd place from the ICF World Championship


Simča Pischeková

Vice-champion of Europe in scooterjoring


Solder Pischek

Vice-champion of the world in skijöring.


Géza Szucs

Hungarian champion in canicross


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