Lea Jurigová | 3rd place in canicross at the MČR– Canis Lab

Lea Jurigová | 3rd place in canicross at the MČR

Lea Jurigová | 3rd place in canicross at the MČR
My name is Lea, but my friends call me Leoš. I have 2 dogs at home - Casper, a six-year-old Hungarian short-haired hound, and Pluto, a two-year-old ESP (a dinosaur crossed with a greyhound). We actively race with Pluto, Casper was seriously ill, so we only do races recreationally and occasionally. With Caspík, we achieved this in 2019 bronze medal in canicross at the Czech Republic . Pluto is young, last season was rough. I am curious to see what we will do together this year.

I use practically everything from Canis Lab. I barf both boys, I care that they have a varied diet. I use all the dog oils that Canis Lab offers. If we are talking purely about food supplements for dogs, it is my favorite IMUNOVITAL , which contains both Colostrum and Beta Glucans, which increase the body's defenses.
And what benefit do Canis Labu preparations have for me? I know that they are made by a team that really understands dog nutrition and I always like to get advice from them.

How to feed a dog before a race / training

Before training and the canicross race, we opt for watering rehydration drink for dogs Speed&Power , they also worked well for me Turboball - to a small extent of course. After training, I choose Speed&Power again, followed by a proper breakfast/dinner. I always choose fattier meat. Just before going to bed, the boys will also get it to speed up regeneration protein drink for dogs Recovery .

Dog nutrition in preparation

I'm not a fan of kibble. Personally, I think it's just better to barf dogs in a load. I have been making raw food for dogs for over 5 years, I had to switch to pellets a few times, but we always went back to BARF. My dogs are top athletes for me and they deserve the best care. A top athlete doesn't live on Chinese soup and chicken with paprika from a bag either.

Healthy sports with a dog

It is important to always remember that an athletic dog needs more and more comprehensive care than a couch potato. I'm going to repeat myself again, but that's why BARF makes the most sense to me. I can adjust each dose individually according to how we are currently training and how the dogs look.

Tips for feeding sports dogs

BARF, BARF, BARF and dietary supplements for dogs under stress .

Tips to become a champion

What does champion mean? To me it doesn't mean being hung with medals, to me a true canicross / mushing champion is one who always puts himself above his own ambitions health your dog Such champions should be role models for us. I'm competitive too, but I always try to think about my canine partner. After all, that's why I still enjoy canicross so much after 5 years.


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