Simča Pischeková | Vice-champion of Europe in scooterjoring– Canis Lab

Simča Pischeková | Vice-champion of Europe in scooterjoring

Simča Pischeková | Vice-champion of Europe in scooterjoring

My name is Simča Pischeková and my main discipline is scooterjoring, i.e. mainly the so-called off snow season on mud. I ride the scooter with our 4-year-old female European sled dog Píďalka, who is from our pack of 4 dogs. At home, 9-year-old POI Gasík, 8-year-old female ESP Macík and 7-month-old dog ESP Chrumka are currently lying on the couch.

Our biggest successes with Píďalka are, vice-champion of Europe 2022 in the scooter category with one dog and champion of the Czech Republic 2022 . With Macinka, I really appreciate the 4th place at the European Championship in Belgium 2019 and the 5th place in the Swedish Nybro at the 2019 WC.

I have been actively involved in mushing for 10 years and am currently grinding my teeth for the so-called Déčka winter category, i.e. a sled with two dogs.

How to feed a dog before a race / training

Canis Lab products have become our daily routine. We use different types of products every day when feeding.

The foundation is already there balanced diet . In case of increased load, I increase the dosage in particular Immunovital and Movement .

Since we BARF, our priority is feed supplements, such as kelp , yeast , colostrum , krill , etc. They mostly chow down on the yeast, in which they gnaw their claws. I also like to reach for it Vegans , because it's a great alternative for lazy people like us who don't have time to prepare vegetables. We must not forget to drizzle salmon oil over all of this, which will give it a real taste.

So now you know the secret know-how of the Master Chef of our dog kitchen.
In our normal outdoor life, dogs are never missing a loved one in our treat box Dogula , of which there are never enough.

I can't even forget about DOG 3% for our senior dog Gasík, who helps him sleep well and calm down while driving, when the perception of driving has started to deteriorate with age. Our two active bitches also receive the drops, helping them to recover faster after exercise with quality sleep. The sound of the dropper works like the rustling of a bag of treats for us, and everyone always rushes for their dose before bed.

Nutrition of the dog in season and out of season

it's actually very easy with BARF. Usually, only the amount of meat and the type of meat change during the season. At the same time, we add more more often during the load Vit&MIN and Beta glucan .

Healthy sports with a dog

I think that the alpha and omega is a natural diet, which will be supplemented with natural feed supplements. Always supervise your dog. It's the same as here. It is important to learn to perceive the dog's reactions to certain types of food. This certainly includes the control blood tests that our canine companions undergo as part of prevention and control of a balanced diet every year.

A balanced diet is the basis. I think the thing that helped me the most when it came to eating was to find out how the dog's body actually works. Especially when under load. That the driving force is not cereal, which is so often found as a substitute for a pure meat diet. Be sure to think about what will give the dog what I want to give him. Spend some time and find out about your partner what will bring him the most in life. For me, it's a natural diet in the form of Barf and balanced CanisLab food supplements

Tips to become a champion

I watch my dogs all my life. I pick up on their behavior and subtle hints of anything. I follow the rule that sometimes less is more. Even rest is training and often more important than the drive itself. I always dose the load gradually with sensitivity and consideration for my dog. I always adapt everything to my dog ​​and perceive his expressions before, during and after training. I try to indulge in quality regeneration, which is helped by a peaceful sleep without disturbance. We are a team and without each other we can do nothing.


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