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BARF Master Chef

Make the best recipe for dogs and become a barfaring Master Chef! What the recipe should be: BARF friendly healthy and functional A ...
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New dried BARF: Become a tester!

Sometimes there is simply no meat For example, when you're on the go, you forget to defrost or the supplier is late... Is it a problem? Well, of...
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Lucia Pelikanová | World champion in canicross

My name is Lucia and together with my 4-legged friends we have been doing canicross for the 3rd year. I consider the 1st place at the ICF World Cha...
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Mary Kotuliáková | 3rd place of the ICF World Championship

My partner and I have been working on individual sled dog disciplines since around 2013. We have 4 European sled dogs at home. Dafné (born 2014), Z...
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Lubo Kočík | 8th place at the World Championships

My name is Ľubo and my dog ​​RubyC. We also achieved several joint successes, our biggest one being 8th place at the ICF WC in Plédran 2022 in the ...
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Simča Pischeková | Vice-champion of Europe in scooterjoring

My name is Simča Pischeková and my main discipline is scooterjoring, i.e. mainly the so-called off snow season on mud. I ride the scooter with our ...
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Lea Jurigová | 3rd place in canicross at the MČR

My name is Lea, but my friends call me Leoš. I have 2 dogs at home - Casper, a six-year-old Hungarian short-haired hound, and Pluto, a two-year-old...
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Pavel Pischek | Vice-champion of the world in skijöring

My name is Pája Pischek. My main season is the one on the snow, and I mainly do skijöring with one and two dogs. I race with our Europeans, four-ye...
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