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Pavel Pischek | Vice-champion of the world in skijöring

Pavel Pischek | Vice-champion of the world in skijöring

My name is Pája Pischek. My main season is the one on the snow, and I mainly do skijöring with one and two dogs.
I race with our Europeans, four-year-old Píďalka and eight-year-old Macík. Our biggest success so far is 2022 and 2023 world runner-up in the skijöring category with two dogs. In the off-snow season, it is mainly bikejöring where our greatest success is 3rd place at the MČR .

How to feed a dog

It is definitely the most popular product DOG 3% .
The drops help dogs regenerate and promote sleep. At the same time, it helps calm them down during long car journeys.

I also use it very often for dogs Konopak , Salmon , Imunovital , brewer's yeast, Kelp and Vegan . I add all of these products to the dogs' food on an ongoing basis. I use them because of a balanced diet, which is the basis for the dog's health and, subsequently, proper regeneration, which is the cornerstone for good performance.

In case of increased load, I increase the dosage in particular Immunovital and Movement .

Healthy sports with a dog

The basis is certainly to observe yourself and the dog. Every dog ​​and human accepts different foods and supplements in different ways. So it is of course important to dose according to the recommendations, but also to observe how much and what needs to be dosed individually and start slowly.

My tip is to definitely give the dog a natural diet, which is BARF. However, it is important to make sure that the dog does not miss any component. It can be easily detected by an occasional blood test. A large number of products such as Konopák, Salmon, Imunovital, Pivovarské kvasnice, Kelp and Vegáč will help you to balance your diet perfectly.

Tips to become a champion

Observe your dogs during and outside of training and approach each one individually. Do not put unnecessary pressure on the saw, give the dogs enough time to rest during the year. Do not expect results immediately and do not transfer your ambitions to the dog. Choose a goal in the season and aim for it.


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