Where to go to the mountains with a dog: The Ore Mountains are God's gift– Canis Lab

Where to go to the mountains with a dog: Krušné hory - Boží dar (12 km)

Where to go to the mountains with a dog: Krušné hory - Boží dar (12 km)

Where to go to the mountains with the dog? Try the route in the Ore Mountains :

About 12 km, climbed 1117 m, surface – wooden footbridges (path through the bog), singletrack through the forest, asphalt for a while.

Where to go to the mountains with the dog: We leave from the Prunéřov car park

We were accommodated in the Prunéřov motorhome. From there we took a car trip to Boží dar in the Ore Mountains. We left the car in the central parking lot directly at Boží Dar, the parking fee for the day was CZK 200 (possibility to pay by card). We set off from the parking lot.

The Ore Mountains with the dog: a beautiful trail through the bog

From the parking lot, we set out on the path through the bog. The trail is wooden and winds through picturesque nature. There is something to admire at every step and the view of Klínovec will add the right charm. Bála dutifully pedaled past the tourists. We could admire bees and many butterflies on the vast blooming plains. However, the most interesting thing for Bála was the stream, in which he naturally lay down.

At the end of the bog, we connected to a bit of asphalt path that took us to the beginning of the single track. It wound through forests and meadows. We didn't meet any tourists here, so I could let Bála free. Bála obediently kept ahead of us on the path and occasionally enjoyed rolling in the pine needles. Sometimes we connected to the so-called Jesus trail. This is an educational route for children. It is a paved path, easy for children and also suitable for mothers with strollers.

At the end of our circuit, we returned to the parking lot via a wooden path, it is possible to continue along the (bicycle/pedestrian) asphalt path, but we didn't want to because of Batýsk. In Boží Dar, we also stopped at the local Boží Dar Brewery and bought a few local specialties to taste for the family. I warmly recommend it to anyone who passes by, the specials at home were all delicious and it seemed that they also have an excellent kitchen, as the people we met praised it very much. They also have outdoor seating, so they don't have a problem with dogs.

Bál enjoyed the trip immensely, his canine smile from ear to ear and the possibility of wading in streams was a huge advantage.


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