Where to go on a trip with your dog: Low Tatras - Chopok peak (12 km)– Canis Lab

Where to go on a trip with your dog: Low Tatras - Chopok peak (12 km)

Where to go on a trip with your dog: Low Tatras - Chopok peak (12 km)

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Our route measured about 12 km along the Slovak ridges, with the fact that we took the cable car to the top, if it was possible to walk to the top, the route would have been extended by about 5 km. We went from the peak down to the Valley and dropped 1071 m.
Surface - the ridge of the mountains is followed by large stones and natural paths. When going down, the path is also uneven and full of stones, it also runs along a stream, which in one part spilled onto the path, so it is not easy and in some places quite demanding on the knees.
The Low Tatras route with a dog


We set off from Demänovská dolina, where parking is available, and boarded the cable car. The valley is easily accessible by car, but there are also buses. There is absolutely no problem with accommodation, as hotels are on every corner here. Small dogs can enter the cable car for free and large dogs for a fee of €10 .
However, you can decide to climb the summit on foot, and there are several routes available.
Low Tatras with a dog


If you want to extend your trip, you can also go to Ďumbier, which is the highest peak of the Low Tatras. But we went from Chopek along the ridges along the path of the SNP heroes and further down the yellow path. And I have to tell you that I have not yet walked a nicer path. At every step you will be accompanied by unbeatable views that are really worth all the effort. We even met chamois! At the end of our route was the Vrbické pleso, where we had a nice rest and a great end to the day.


The restaurants were located both by the cable car directly in Demänovská dolina and at the top itself. There were even two restaurants near Chopek where dogs were welcome. You can buy full-fledged food here, but also something sweet for your tooth. Otherwise, it's a good idea to bring enough drinks and some snacks with you , because we didn't come across any other places with refreshments.
Where to go with the dog: Low Tatras


We definitely recommend wearing good shoes as the terrain is treacherous. Oh, and a jacket, because it's really very windy up on the ridges. I can guarantee that you will return home tired and full of beautiful memories.
Trip with a dog - Low Tatras


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