Where to go on a trip with a dog: Jizerské hory - northern part (28 km– Canis Lab

Where to go on a trip with a dog: Jizerské hory - northern part (28 km)

Where to go on a trip with a dog: Jizerské hory - northern part (28 km)

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The northern part of the Jizera Mountains
Length : approx. 28 km, climbed over 1000 meters in height, varied surface – forest roads and paths with unpaved surface, stones, roots, gravel, and since it is in Jizerka, also asphalt or panel.

Where to go with the dog Jizerky route
Location : Liberecký region, northern edge of Jizerek.

The route starts at the Bílý Potok railway station (don't get confused, this stop is actually still on the outskirts of Hejnice, but it's not the railway station Hejnice!). You can go by train or leave your car in the parking lot at the station. A tourist sign leads directly from there, following which we went up the hill in the direction of Hubertka, then at the crossroads U rosého dub and from there down towards the valley of the Novoměstské kyselka. From there, a blue sign leads to the highest peak of Jizerek, Smrk.

Where to go with the dog - Jizerky

From Smrk down the Heavenly Ladder, take the red road to Předěl, from there direction Smědava. From Smědava up to the red sign on the Kneipa, from there past Čihadel to the crossroads at Černý potok, where we turn right on the green sign and descend back down - the sign will lead us back to Bílý Potok to our starting point. There are plenty of accommodation options in the area, the circuit can be missed in one day.


Novoměstská kyselka - can be taken at the place of the maintained well at the point of connection to the blue marker and it is incredibly good!
On the blue road, towards the top of the spruce, you will pass Streit's picture , which the local baker was supposed to hang at the crossroad where the pilgrims went to Hejnice, perhaps as penance for donating a fake coin to the Hejnice church.
Smrk has a lookout tower at the top, but even if you don't decide to climb it, there are beautiful views from the top towards the south.
After descending from Smrk and along the road towards Smědava , you will pass two small water reservoirs, certainly suitable for bathing dogs and, I think, people as well. The next little pond is then a little beyond the crossroads U Černého potok , on the green sign.
When descending along the green trail back to the foot of the mountains, it is possible to see the waterfalls of Černé Potok .

Jizerky - a tip for a trip with a dog
Possibility of refreshments

The first option very close to the starting point is the Hubertka cottage.
As I wrote above, I recommend not to miss the Novoměstská kyselka spring without noticing it.
Two more wells, this time with normal spring water, are along the blue marker at the ascent to Smrk. Lots of water for the dogs in the streams along the way - even in this dry summer, the larger ones are not dry.
Refreshments for the people of Smědava in the local newly built cottage, which replaced the well-known Smědava mountain cottage.
But I prefer a small kiosk with refreshments at the Kneipa – a classic Jizera mountain restaurant, if you come outside opening hours, you can buy some drinks, fruit, wafers on your own. When it's open, there's a bit more to choose from and you can still chat with the nice owner who likes dogs.


The route, especially on a holiday weekend like this, tends to be quite busy. I recommend going out in the morning or leaving the trip for a weekday if you want to avoid a large number of people in exposed places (Smrk, Smědava).
As usual the descents are worse than the ascents, if you can't let the dog loose I would make sure he doesn't drag down the hill and is able to walk/heel. The descent from Smrk and the part of the green hiking trail on the last descent down from the mountains are very steep, rocky and ankle-deep, so be careful.
This time Turbogules served as a source of energy for climbing hills.


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