Where to go on a trip with a dog: Vysoké Tatry - Starý Smokovec to Tér– Canis Lab

Where to go on a trip with a dog: Vysoké Tatry - Starý Smokovec to Téry's cottage (17 km)

Where to go on a trip with a dog: Vysoké Tatry - Starý Smokovec to Téry's cottage (17 km)

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About 17 km, 815 m climbed, mainly on stony paths, be sure to have dog shoes in your backpack just to be safe, we didn't need them, but we met a few dogs with shoes, each surface has its own and each paw reacts differently.

Where to go with the Tatra dog


We lived directly in Smokovec, you can easily get there by train or car (parking near the cable car to Hrebienok). On trains and cable cars, we always paid half the price for a dog and it must have a muzzle.
We took the cable car to Hrebienok and from there we continued along the green path to the Zámkovského cottage (only the cellar remains of it at the moment, as it is undergoing a complete reconstruction) and on to Téry's cottage.

We chose the same route back, as the terrain was already quite demanding and the circular route is said to be partially followed by kings and chains, so after sitting and resting we turned around and went the same route back, with the fact that this time we went back on our own down to Smokovce.

With the dog to the Tatras for a trip


Téry's hut - the second highest mountain hut in the High Tatras. And this is where well-known porters are headed, who bring supplies here every day (including barrels of beer).
Horská plesa - it's simply beautiful, there are 5 of them right in the vicinity of Téry's cottage.
I would just like to add that the visiting rules are to be changed in the Tatras and a rapid restriction or even a ban on entry with a dog is expected, so I recommend going while you can, because we enjoyed the whole stay very much. Finding dog-friendly accommodation is not a problem, and neither is it in the restaurants in the gardens (we did not try to go inside).

A trip with a dog in the Tatras


In Smokovec, it is definitely not a problem to find a place to eat, there is something for everyone (from the "station" to restaurants with typical Slovak dishes, to stalls with langoustines or corn), refreshments are also available at the top station of the cable car and especially at Téry's hut, here you can strengthen yourself (or reward yourself) after a challenging hike, have a soup, main course, draft beer, or Tatra tea.
There is plenty of water for the dogs on the way , there is no need to bring a bottle with you, the water is beautifully clean and cold, so we made stops to cool down on the way and there is a mountain lake at the top near the Téracho hut.

Where to go on a trip with a dog - Slovakia


What to bring - if you want to approach by cable car, be sure to bring a dog muzzle (not fixed) and for us it's really great to have a seat for dogtrekking / canicross and a cushioning leash, given that the path goes through the National Park and the dog (and human of course) should only walk on marked paths, another thing is that there are a lot of people walking here and the terrain is quite demanding, it's just nice to have four-legged friends 100% under control.


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