Where to go on a trip with your dog: Ore Mountains (20 km)– Canis Lab

Where to go on a trip with your dog: Ore Mountains (20 km)

Where to go on a trip with your dog: Ore Mountains (20 km)

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About 20 km (I turned on the activity on my phone only after the campsite), climbed 826 m.
Surface – forest roads, stony mainly uphill, dirt roads and asphalt.

Where to go with the dog: Krušné hory route


We started from the Prunéřo dog-friendly car park. Parking is available in front of the campsite. The camp is pleasant, excellent cuisine, great accommodation in log cabins.

Near the campsite there is a stream where you can bathe the dogs by the raft, or a beautiful walk through the forest about 5 km is a small "dam" (larger puddle) into which the stream flows and here you can cool off your dog with the possibility of swimming.

Where to go with the dog: Ore Mountains


The start of Monday's trip started at the campsite, from there we went along the forest path along the stream to the ruins of the Hasištejn castle. You can also visit the castle with a dog companion, except for climbing the tower, we were everywhere. I went to the view from the tower alone without Batýsek, the stairs were too narrow for my bear. At the castle, there is the possibility of small refreshments and a nice sitting under a shaded shelter. Here we also refreshed Batýska super Regulema and Dogulema.

Along the way, Batýsek washed out in the peat, so I have a half-soaked cookie instead of a dog :D.

From the castle, we continued towards the Kýšovický waterfall . The road leads through the forest again and we stayed along the stream the whole time. Bála therefore had the constant possibility of wading in the stream.

From the waterfall, we continued upstream and enjoyed the beauty of the nature there and the many floats and pools created by the stream. Due to the heat, we also used the opportunity to cool off in the water.

Where to go on a trip with a dog in the Ore Mountains

The path took us to a smaller cabin colony, where we crossed the road and continued on through the blue forest. We had to look for a turn to the left, where we were being diverted to an unmarked path (we originally planned a longer trek, but we shortened it due to the hot weather). An unmarked path took us to a dirt road where there was a great view. The path led a bit through the forest and ended again on a field path, where we were approaching the village of Vysluní. In front of the village there were picturesque rock formations and the local flora was a little more reminiscent of the African steppe than the Czech Republic. However, this gave the place its charm, one hill reminded us of a famous scene from The Lion King, so we allowed ourselves to imitate it a little. On the way to Vysluní, we just sang Hakunamatata...

We sped up our passage through the village a little, because of the already mentioned heat, and we didn't take advantage of the possibility of refreshments. We only made a small stop on a patch of grass in the shade so that Bála could breathe.

Ore Mountains with a dog

From there we continued back along the stream to Hasištejn and hooray to the campsite . The whole time we had Bala mostly free, except for the trip through the village, otherwise we didn't meet any live-in people.

Of course, a well-deserved medal and a few goodies for our excursionist could not be missing.
Pac and kiss your Bála….


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