Where to go on a trip with a dog: Krkonoše - Krakonošova trail (16 km)– Canis Lab

Where to go on a trip with a dog: Krkonoše - Krakonošova trail (16 km)

Where to go on a trip with a dog: Krkonoše - Krakonošova trail (16 km)

Thank you Evelina for your contribution!

Krkonoše mountains without clouds of people in season? We thought that this was impossible in the center of the Giant Mountains, but as we found out at the beginning of July, it is not!

Route and location

Our route measured less than 16 km, but if you don't want to walk so much in the mountains and don't mind paying extra for the parking fee or the bus, then the circuit can be shortened to about 12 km (start and end - Horní Mísečky).

Where to go with your dog Krakonošova trail Canis Lab Hike

We started from Dolní Míseček (where there was free parking), we continued through the Horní ones to the Krakonošov trail , where we had wonderful views of Kotelní jamy the entire time. At the end of the trail, we stopped for refreshments at Dvoračky and returned past the monument of J. Vrabec and M. Machek to Horní Míseček via Harrach's stones. Here we strengthened ourselves again and headed home.

On the way, we took a small detour to see the "famous" Vrbatovo hill with a lookout point, but I have to say that the views were much nicer the rest of the way and without clouds of tourists. In total, we hiked up 920 m along a mostly pleasant forest path or flat stones. However, you can't avoid stony footpaths here, so boots for your backpack , or straight to your feet and up for an adventure!

Krakonošova trail trip with a dog


The advantage of the route is that the route is crossed several times by a stream , where you can fill up with drinking water (maybe 😉 ) and give the dogs a drink. Snacks for bipeds can also be found here. For us , the Horské zátisí pension in Horní Mísečky is the clear winner, with very nice service and good food at friendly prices.


The main part of the trip – Krakonošova trail was largely possible to go with a dog with a good recall. As soon as the bigger climb started, it was necessary to engage the leash on the narrow trail. However, we managed to go almost the entire descent without a guide, because only a few people passed by us, who could be seen from afar. Which I think is a success in the Krkonoše Mountains 😉

Krkonoše viewpoint, a trip with a dog


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