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Where to go for a trip with your dog Central Bohemian Region: Šembery Valley (12km)

Where to go for a trip with your dog Central Bohemian Region: Šembery Valley (12km)

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Route of a trip with a dog in the Central Bohemia region :

My trip with the dog in Central Bohemia started at the parking lot of Šemberské stezek , which are bike paths in Tuchoraz. The parking lot is located near the cultural monument Tuchoraz Fortress , of which only the impressive tower has been preserved. From here, you can follow the red or blue tourist trail and at the same time the Šembery River Valley educational trail.

Where to go with the dog - Šembera

I followed the red sign in the direction of Rozcestí na Šembere. The route follows a wider forest path that has been slightly affected by logging, but there are beaten paths outside the riverbeds, in which water can hold after the rain. The dogs had the opportunity to get wet several times in Šembera . After connecting to the road, you can use the detour through the meadow, but here the trail gets a little lost and you need to follow the direction according to the map. Finally, we continued on the red road still along the river. I remembered this part of the route from the Šembery Valley dog ​​trek , which takes place every year in this area. It is full of magical nooks and crannies with boulders and fords, where footbridges are also available for dry crossing.

Where to go with the dog: Šembery valley

The trail then also rises slightly and leads along the foot of the hill to the ruins of the Šember castle and the castle. For dogs, the trail is more fun and winding. It is possible to follow the red sign up to the intersection of Sv. Martin, from where you can go back to the Šembera crossroads following the green sign. In order not to go back to Tuchorazi by the same route, it is possible to return by following the partly yellow and partly blue hiking trail. Both trails lead mainly through the forest and are shady .

Refreshments on a trip with a dog in Central Bohemia :

As for refreshments, unfortunately you won't find it here, but it is possible to go to the nearby Kostelec nad Černými lesy and visit the Černokostelecký pivovar , where they cook excellently.

Where to go with the dog: Canis Lab Hike Šembera


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