Where to go on a trip with your dog: Ore Mountains (11 km)– Canis Lab

Where to go on a trip with your dog: Ore Mountains (11 km)

Where to go on a trip with your dog: Ore Mountains (11 km)

Thank you Míša for your contribution!

Good day to all hikers who are looking for inspiration for a nice trip with their canine companion. Although I like longer routes, I decided to offer you something lighter in this post, it will be especially useful for those of you who - like me - have a dog at home, and a black, senior dog in addition.


Tura is about 11 km, 300 meters high and is located in the Ore Mountains, which are known for not being very famous 😁 That is, not many people go here.
However, there are even a total of three highlights waiting for you on these 11 km, which I think is a pretty good number for such a short route.
I recommend starting at the "Pod Meluzínou" signpost , where there are approx. 2-3 official parking spaces, unofficially I've already experienced more traffic there, but of course it's like everywhere - first come... From there it's only 900 meters on the first mountain " Meluzína " with a wonderful view of Klínovec, Fichtelberg and other Krušnohorské hills. Attention, the ascent and descent is more or less freestyle, everywhere there are small beaten paths, but they are overgrown with blueberries, so watch out for yourself and your four-legged friends.

Where to go with the dog: Ore Mountains map

Tip: You can see the sunrise from Meluzina beautifully, so if you're a real sunrise freak like me, I highly recommend getting up there, it's worth it.

From there we continue back to the main drag from where we came, but do not turn left back to the parking lot, but right and continue further along the road. You will either stick to our activity and walk along the forest paths, where you are guaranteed not to meet anyone, or you will follow the main road, after a while you will turn left, descend to the road and there you will keep to the left on the forest path, until after about 400 m you will come to a very inconspicuous a turn into the forest, where you mustn't let yourself get confused and normally you will wade through the forest for a few meters until you reach the rocks that call themselves " Krížová hora " and from which there is also a very beautiful view of the landscape. You then continue back onto the footpath and continue in the direction you were going before you turned.

Where to go with the dog Ore Mountains

The rest of the route is more or less indescribable, as it is a tangle of small, overgrown, partially muddy paths (don't wear new shoes!) basically until Königsmühle , which is our last, very beautiful stop. It is a defunct village which, by the way, is located on the Český path and there is a very beautiful cozy house where you can stay overnight . The Landart Festival is held here once a year.

Ore Mountains - Where to go for a trip with a dog

After you have thoroughly looked at all the sculptures, read the information boards and admired the special atmosphere that reigns there, you continue across the meadow up the hill, towards Klínovec and Fichtelberg , until you reach a small cross where you turn left and across the meadow you will reach the forest, where in a few meters you will come across a larger asphalt road, along which you probably came via Loučná. Here you can decide if you want to go left, along the edge of the road (it's about 1 km) or if you continue straight and around Meluzina back to the parking lot. This will make the route a bit longer, but your nerves and dog's paws will definitely appreciate it.

Where to go for a trip with a dog

So I wish you all a great summer and lots of adventures with your mates! Misha & Pluto & Nina


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