Where to go on a trip with a dog: Posázaví - Kácov (12 km)– Canis Lab

Where to go on a trip with a dog: Posázaví - Kácov (12 km)

Where to go on a trip with a dog: Posázaví - Kácov (12 km)

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Route :

The educational trail around Kácov is about 12 km long, contains 10 educational stops and leads mainly through the forest. 

Path : easy, slightly undulating, even strollers can handle it.

Surface : paved forest roads, forest footpaths, dirt roads, partly asphalt. There is a stony road along the tracks in Kácov .

Points of interest : Devil's Lookout, Koutský Mlýn.

Overall impression : a relaxed, easy trip with dogs and bathing.

Where do I take my dog ​​on a trip? Kácov

I drove a car, so I parked at the Kácov Railway Station . From there, the trail begins following the yellow tourist sign. It is also possible to go along the blue route , if you prefer to go off-road and not on straight roads. And you won't miss the Devil's Lookout either. Along the way, you can get wet in a stream and pick wild strawberries, for example. In the village of Polipsy there is a pond where you can wet your dogs, it is in the shade and water lilies grow on it.
At Koutského Mlýn there is a beautiful chapel and again the possibility of swimming in the already wider stream. From where you will head back along the blue direction to Kácov. The last part of the road is asphalt, but it still leads through the forest.

Where to go with the dog - Lenka

Snacks :

There are several refreshment options in Kácov. Immediately upon arrival in Kácovo, there is a car park with a stand. If you follow the red tourist sign into the city, you will reach Hotel Kácov, where they will be happy to seat you with the dogs in the garden. Attention, dogs are not allowed in Šalanda Pivovarská restaurant. There is a large parking lot at the brewery, it is also possible to park here. I walked along the blue track back to the car.

Trip with the dog: Kácov


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