Where to go on a trip with a dog: Rychlebské hory (85 km)– Canis Lab

Where to go on a trip with a dog: Rychlebské hory (85 km)

Where to go on a trip with a dog: Rychlebské hory (85 km)

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Length : approx. 85 km, ascent approx. 3500m, four sections with three bivouacs.
The vast majority of the route is forest paths, footpaths, natural surfaces and stones, in the second half sometimes gravel cycle paths and towards the end a bit of asphalt.

Location : Rychlebské hory, Olomouc region
You can find maps of individual days at the end of the article.

Circuit with start and finish in Javorník , from there via Bíla Voda to the ridge of Rychlebské hory along its entire length to the top of Smrk (Hraničník), where Rychlebky already ends.
I follow a different route for the most part along the side of the mountains back to Javorník. I parked in the square right next to the town hall and the police station. Marked tourist routes also start from here.

We didn't look for accommodation - with three dogs, we got by with sleeping outside.

Where to go with the dog - views of Rychleby

Alternatives : Javorník is accessible by train, there is a bus to Bílá Vody from there (I did not find out how it is with the transport of dogs). So you can start the journey in Javorník and walk to Bílá Voda, or you can climb the ridge in Bílá Voda, which is also the state border with Poland. From Spruce, you can descend to the valley again to the train and thus save yourself the journey back to the starting point.

Points of interest :

  • The monastery in Bílá Voda and its cemetery (see the novel Bílá Voda by Kateřina Tučková).
  • Way of the Cross from Bílá Vody towards the ridge.
  • Bilůvková hora with a 24/7 lookout and refreshments.
  • Pleasant forest bar by the well above Zálesím.
  • The defunct settlement of Hraničky under Hraniční vrchem.
  • Spruce (Hraničník), the highest point of the Rychleb Mountains with a peak bog.
  • On the way back to Javorník, it's worth stopping by Tančírno in Račí údolí, if your feet don't hurt, you can also see the Devil's Pulpit there.


In Javorník there are shops with food and general goods, restaurants. On the ridge, the only refreshment stand is at the lookout tower on Borůvková hora. At regular intervals, you can top up the water at the wells, which are under the ridge on the Czech side and are marked on the maps, the water is good, drinkable.

The forest bar near Zálesí is next to a well-maintained well, you can have drinks in tins and some wafers for a small amount in the cash register, it is also a pleasant place to meet others who pass by.

Additional information:

The circuit in this form is for those who don't mind sleeping outside and don't mind the discomfort, but appreciate the views, ascents and descents, forests, blueberries, wild strawberries, birdsong and peace. There are no crowds on the route, it is quiet, especially in the sections where the marked trails (including the Czech Trail) move away from the ridge for a temporary period.
If you go in autumn, you can experience Rychleby in its most beautiful form, when the leaves of the local forests light up in all colors.

In addition to regular food, I supplemented the dogs' diet with Turbogulem (be careful, the attraction to them becomes very intense!) and Protein Mush mixed in water. They recommend three dogs out of three.

Day 1

Where to go with the dog - Rychleby - 1

Day 2

Where to go with the dog - quickly - 2

Day 3

Rychleby - Where to go with the dog, day 3

Day 4

Where to go with a dog? Fast forward to day 4.

Do you also walk a dog? Write about it and advise others where to take their dog on a trip .


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