Where to go on a trip with a dog: Czech Canada (22 km)– Canis Lab

Where to go on a trip with a dog: Czech Canada (22 km)

Where to go on a trip with a dog: Czech Canada (22 km)

Thank you Dominic for your post.


About 22 km (a part is missing in the measurement - I forgot to turn on the watch), climbed about 310 m, surface - forest paths, dirt roads, asphalt (road).

Map: Where to go with the dog


We started from the dog-friendly Zvůle autocamp, where we were staying, another accommodation option is in the also dog-friendly Zvůle cottage settlement - both camps are directly adjacent to the Zvůle pond, where dogs can also swim (in addition, you can park, for example, at the pub U Šutru) . If you do not like the full accommodation capacity, I recommend visiting the place outside the high season.

Where are you taking the dog? Czech Kanda


throughout the trip you can enjoy the beautiful Czech-Canadian landscape, vast meadows, beautiful forests, rock formations, lakes and ponds (where you can refresh your canine friends). The most important points are the rock formations Devil's ass and Devil's bread, pond cascades, U Jakuba lookout and Bison farm.


In addition to the start and end point of the route, where there are several refreshment options, you can have something small at the lookout (where you can also buy some souvenirs and our dogs were welcomed here with open arms), or a full-fledged meal at the Bison farm. Still, I recommend packing some snacks and enough to drink. I watered the dogs with a Hydrant before the trip and replenished the energy of the Turbogulem during the trip .

Where to go with the dog: Dominka


For better comfort for you and your dog and to fully enjoy the route, all the natural beauty and the unique South Bohemian landscape, equip yourself with a seat/belt with a flexible leash and a dog harness. There are places where the dog can run freely, but always with maximum respect for the residents and other visitors of the place.
During the route, it was sunny, cloudy, warm, cold and rainy, but because we were properly equipped (I also highly recommend repellent), we enjoyed the trip to the maximum and there was nothing that could spoil our great enjoyment of Czech Canada.


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