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BARF diet | Recipes for active dogs

BARF diet | Recipes for active dogs

BARF food recipes for active dogs

Even a dog that does not want to win championships needs a balanced and varied diet .

The basic source of protein in our BARF recipes is always meat muscle . The fat content in meat varies between species, so add good quality oil for dogs . In addition to a beautiful shiny coat, it has a positive effect on immunity, cholesterol levels and joint health.

Bones in the ration guarantee the supply of calcium. Put chicken necks or wings, for example. Just remember that calcium from the bones alone may not always be enough for optimal nutrition of the entire skeletal and joint system. Therefore, do not be afraid to add the food supplement for joints for dogs Movement to the bowl .

The side dish to BARF can be fibrous - try our mix of dried vegetables for dogs Vegáč . Of course, you can also add fresh vegetables. But seriously, who these days has time to honestly grate 4 types of vegetables every day?! If necessary, choose a carbohydrate-fiber side dish: cooked rice, pasta, oatmeal, millet or potatoes, and even sweet potatoes.

Canis Lab TIP: In our assortment you will also find a ready-made protein mush for dogs Protein Mush . It contains not only instant rice porridge as a source of carbohydrates, but is supplemented with hydrolyzed protein and other substances. Ideal as a side dish to BARF.

Don't forget the supplements for dogs on the BARF diet

Vit&Min supplies vitamins and minerals and guarantees the proper functioning of the immune system

Everyday balancer supplements all the necessary substances that a dog needs on a BARF diet. You no longer have to mix, weigh and measure. You have everything already prepared in one mix - in ideal proportions.

Oils for dogs are an important component of BARF, which you should not forget. In our assortment you will find:

  • Salmon ( salmon oil for dogs )
  • Konopák ( hemp oil for dogs )
  • Macač ( poppy oil for dogs )
  • Ostřák ( milk thistle oil for dogs )

  • Canis Lab TIP: Who knows about vitamins and minerals! That's why we wrote an article that will give you a comprehensive overview of vitamins and minerals for dogs .

    Examples of BARF diets for active dogs

    Don't forget to always take the dog meat out of the freezer. Ideally, thaw it in a box in the refrigerator. Pay attention to increased hygiene and have separate boxes and cutting boards that you only use purely for the preparation of BARF. It is always better to cut the pure muscle into smaller pieces (especially if you have a dog at home that does not like to bite very much, or on the contrary, a dog that swallows everything in one gulp).

    Duck-salmon ride
    Beware of the stench or unwashed ground tripe with beef
    Surf & Turf - beef and tuna
    V apple heart

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