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BARF recipe: Pork heart

BARF recipe: Pork heart

Although the heart is a viscera in a way, most barfarists consider it a muscle because it is made up of almost pure muscle .

For this BARF recipe you will need:

From poultry offal, try serving hearts or kidneys . But keep in mind that some dogs simply refuse to eat offal. Serve pork on days when the dog has increased activity , it is one of the fattier types of meat .

Cut and cook the sweet potatoes. Pour hot water over the Vegač and let it soak. You have plenty of time to prepare the meat before the sweet potatoes and the Vegáč become soft.
Cut the pork and put it in a bowl together with the giblets. Drizzle them with Salmon, which, in addition to Omega 3 and Omega 6, also adds a great taste.
When the sweet potatoes are soft, add them to the meat together with the Vegáč. Don't forget food supplements for dogs . Everyday , which contains all the important minerals and nutrients that a dog needs, is the basis for every barfarian. You have everything in one mix in ideal proportions.

Done! You can serve.

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