BARF Master Chef | Recipes from round 1– Canis Lab

BARF Master Chef | Recipes from round 1

BARF Master Chef | Recipes from round 1

Master Chef BARF recipes

Eight chefs advanced from the first round of the BARF Master Chef competition. The bar is set really high! Here we bring you winning recipes.

If it's your dog's birthday or you just want to pamper him, you'll definitely find something here.

A salmon-spinach dream

Salmon on spinach dust, cozyglace, beef healthy sushi and loving strawberry with carrot, blueberry topping.


Turkey-strict duck load

Ingredients :
ground turkey, duck runner, Yoggies BARF+ side dish, dried apples, salmon oil, linseed oil, peanut butter, yogurt, sheep fat candies

8 steps to nirvana

Ground veal, sweet potato puree with saffron, with goat's cheese chip with brewer's yeast, butter glazed baby carrots, shrimp and caviar, quail egg, basil, butter shavings, hemp oil


Salmon steak with sweet potato

Ingredients :
Chicken stomachs, chicken necks, bugle, strawberries, carrots, sweet potatoes, water

You will need sliced ​​salmon with the skin, the portion size depends only on you and your hunger. Bake a washed sweet potato with carrots in the oven.
Then you throw it in the blender, add a little water, blend and you have a perfect puree. You serve, throw in the other ingredients and you can clap your hands.

Wild with salmon and zucchini

Ingredients :
Salmon, ground venison, mixed zucchini with egg, goat yogurt, Affyla peas, humac.

Pork Bowl of Immortality


• Pork cartilage
• Pork trimmings
• Broccoli puree
• Pumpkin puree
• Organic spinach
• Sea buckthorn
• Chia seeds

Beef mandala


Yogurt with mashed blueberries, kefir, Ibero beef and lamb pellets, canned Ibero beef, shelled egg, apple, banana, salad, Kamchatka blueberries, sesame and chia seeds, Vegan, daisies to make it nicer

Michelin buffet

1) Rice-buckwheat porridge cooked in broth and colored with spirulina
2) Beef tongue and trimmings cut into smaller pieces
3) Minced chicken and rabbit with bone
4) Lamb testicles sliced ​​(semi-frozen so they won't fly all over the kitchen when sliced)
5) Sardine
6) Goat kefir
7) Yolk
8) Sweet potatoes are cooked in chicken broth and then pureed
9) The paws are made from liquid lamb fat into which sweet potato was mixed and then this mixture was poured into a mold and frozen.
I think it's great to watch what the dog chooses for food first, what it skips and what it returns to!


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