BARF recipe: Surf & Turf - Beef and Tuna– Canis Lab

BARF recipe: Surf & Turf - Beef and Tuna

BARF recipe: Surf & Turf - Beef and Tuna

Beef is a bit more demanding to process in the stomach , ideally make this BARF recipe on days when you and your canine companion have a more relaxed regime .

For this BARF recipe you will need:

Here we go! Pour an appropriate amount of Vegac into a bowl and pour hot water over it. Let the mixture stand for a while. After a few minutes of procrastination, remember that you forgot your dog's dinner and move back to the kitchen.

Mix ground beef, turkey and tuna into the Vegáč , add salmon oil for dogs Salmon (no dog can resist its smell and it is a great source of Omega 3 and Omega 6). And don't forget to sprinkle the entire feeding portion with the Everyday balancer mixture. In this way, you will ensure an optimal supply of vitamins and minerals and other essential substances that your dog needs for a happy and above all healthy life.
We have added Movement joint nutrition to this recipe, which ensures healthy and pain-free movement of the dog.

BARF beef and tuna recipe


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