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How to entertain your dog: Try stuffed toys

How to entertain your dog: Try stuffed toys

How to entertain your dog: Try stuffed toys

Did your canine athlete set a world record in training or do you just need to occupy your dog to have a moment of peace at work ? Try stuffed toys for dogs!

What will you need to seize the dog? A stuffing toy for dogs or another puzzle for dogs , or you can also use a slow cooker for dogs .

A recipe for impounding a dog or what is enrichment?

Enrichment was originally created in a zoo, where animals in captivity could not show their natural behavior . The keepers were constantly thinking about how to at least partially enrich the animals' lives in the unnatural environment in the zoo, so that they feel at ease. And so enrichment was born.

This method of improving the lives of animals in captivity quickly caught on among dog owners, and at the moment we probably don't know a dog who wouldn't solve special dog puzzles at home at least once a week.

BRF tip: Stuffed toys for dogs

Stuffed toys and puzzles for dogs: To occupy, but also to calm

When conquering the filling toy, your dog will have the feeling that he had to hunt for food . It calms the body, but at the same time keeps the head busy. You can use this activity even during ugly days when neither you nor the dog feel like going out for a long walk.
Is your dog on the prowl and you don't know how to survive the rest period together? Then a stuffed toy for dogs will be your savior.

How to prepare a stuffed toy?

As a basis, ordinary cottage cheese will serve you , which is a natural source of probiotics. Mix Recovery protein for dogs into the curd - this way you will add protein and the mixture will be even more fragrant and attractive.

Mix everything well, spread it in a stuffed toy or even on a lick mat and let the dog handle the toy on his own. If you see that the dog is rather stressed from mining, choose a different type of puzzle next time. The goal is not to make the dog frustrated, but to be relaxed. Therefore, monitor him during the activity and take action if necessary.

In the summer, feel free to put the whole toy in the freezer for a while . It's our favorite trick for making homemade dog ice cream. The dog will mine the food from the toy for longer and will cool down even in the heat.

Canis Lab TIP: For more motivation and fun, hide the favorite Dogula dog treats at the bottom of the toy . Use fruit that your dog likes as a garnish. An umbrella is more stylish, but as your mother told you in your childhood, fruit contains a lot of vitamins and antioxidants. And you need to have food not only for you, but also for your dog.


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