BARF recipe: Duck-salmon ride– Canis Lab

BARF recipe: Duck-salmon ride

BARF recipe: Duck-salmon ride

For this BARF recipe you will need:

The basis of this BARF recipe is duck breast, salmon fillet and chicken necks. But first, measure out a portion of Vegac. We designed it especially for those who don't want to spend so much time in the kitchen grating all the vegetables. Pour hot water over the veggie and wait a few minutes for the dried vegetables to absorb the water.

Meanwhile, prepare the BARF meat. Cut the breast and fillet into smaller pieces and mix them in a bowl together with the Vegáč. Simply arrange the chicken necks in a bowl.

Drizzle the whole thing with Makač , which smells the whole dinner (and also contains calcium), so that even the biggest dog picker won't get bored in it .

And don't forget the measuring cup of Everyday balancer to ensure that your pet gets all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals - all in the ideal ratio.

BARF duck and salmon recipe


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