BARF recipe: Beef tripe– Canis Lab

BARF recipe: Beef tripe

BARF recipe: Beef tripe

Beware of the stench or unwashed ground tripe with beef

Spoiler alert: We warn you in advance that unwashed ground tripe stinks . Many owners won't give them away, but dogs can beat themselves up over them. If you survive a strong scratch, you will treat your dog to a portion of high-quality proteins, which will be especially useful after training.

For this BARF recipe you will need:

Most barfarians serve unwashed ground tripe at most three times a week instead of the vegetable component . You can replace beef with pork on more active days


This recipe is really very simple . Cut the beef, mix it with tripe and ground lamb, sprinkle it all with Ostřák and don't forget the food supplements for dogs . We added Everyday to replenish all micronutrients. Then mix Recovery with oil and you will ensure a supply of quality proteins for better regeneration of the dog -

BARF tripe recipes with beef


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