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How to help a dog with diarrhea?

How to help a dog with diarrhea?

Treatment of diarrhea in dogs and general principles

Dog diarrhea is not a pleasant subject. Not even for the owner and certainly not for the dog. But you need to know what diarrhea in a dog means and how to solve it.

Treatment of diarrhea in dogs:

Start a fast and stop diarrhea with Poop Good charcoal for dogs . It contains a mixture of black coal, zeolite and other substances that will help calm the digestion and eliminate possible toxins from the dog's body.
Make sure the dog has enough fluids. If the diarrhea does not improve within 24 hours, see a veterinarian.

General principles:

  • Visit the vet regularly and deworm.
  • Observe the hygiene of the dog's bed, wash the drinking bowl and food.
  • Keep an eye on what the dog eats - don't let him eat human food, garbage, etc.
  • Keep Poop Good Dog Diarrhea First Aid on hand

Poop Good charcoal for dogs against diarrhea

Diarrhea in a dog - causes

The most common causes include:

Poor diet or diet

We don't always manage to prevent the dog from eating something bad. Inappropriate diet is the most common cause of diarrhea in dogs.
And it's not just about what the dog eats on a walk. We are often to blame. The dog should not get the leftovers from our food. Likewise, treats must not be consumed in large quantities.

Prevention: if the dog is on pellets - choose high-quality ones. If you BARF, make sure the ingredients in your diet are in the right proportions.
Keep your dog under supervision on walks and make sure he doesn't eat what he doesn't have.
Keep Poop Good in your dog's medicine cabinet.


Just like us, our dogs can be allergic to certain foods. Allergies to certain types of proteins - fish, chicken, milk protein, etc. are most common. Allergies to soy and cereals are also common.

Solution: find out what is not good for the dog and simply remove the allergen from the food. Limit treats and study their placement carefully. If you are not sure what it is, get him a hypoallergenic food.

A virus

A virus occurs once in a while in a dog. They are mostly harmless and will disappear in a few days. Feed your dog high-quality food and supplement it with probiotics. For example, try Herbix digestive herb mix .


Stress causes similar reactions in dogs as it does in us. It can be stressed from races, shows or changes in environment. For stress, try, for example , the DOG 3% veterinary product.

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Prevention of digestive problems in dogs

  1. Before you go on a trip and see that the dog is not well, think twice about whether to go at all. You know your dog best, so you can see if it's just nausea or something bigger.
  2. Always keep Poop Good in your drawer or backpack. In addition to first aid, it also represents suitable prevention. Add it to the food 3 times a week and the dog's digestion will be healthier. In addition, it also works against flatulence, so you don't have to keep the window down for the entire journey...
  3. If your dog eats something outside on a walk and you don't know what it was, be sure to add Poop Good to the next dose of food.
  4. Monitor your dog's eating habits and do not drastically change the diet when other stressors are acting on the dog. Everything takes time and changing the dog's diet should be gradual.


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