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First aid for digestive problems in dogs. Especially in summer.

First aid for digestive problems in dogs. Especially in summer.

Vomiting and diarrhea in a dog: What do they signal?

Digestive problems in dogs are most often manifested by diarrhea and vomiting . We have to be careful especially in the summer.
Heat combined with digestive problems can quickly cause dehydration of the whole organism. A minor digestive problem can quickly turn into a serious health problem.

What helps with diarrhea in dogs?

If we are on the road and do not have medical help available, it is a good idea to go on a hunger strike . Of course we have to monitor the water supply. However, if the dog vomits, wait a while after the last vomit before giving him a bowl of water.

If problems persist for more than 24 hours, seek medical attention.

Take care of the dog, don't drag it on trips and walks. Put it on sleep mode to rest.

What to treat diarrhea in a dog or how to treat diarrhea in a dog

As a first aid for diarrhea in a dog, use our charcoal for dogs Poop Good . It contains a mixture of black coal, zeolite and other substances that will help calm the digestion and eliminate possible toxins from the dog's body.

The next step is the Hydrant , which makes it easier to hydrate your dog and prevent possible problems associated with water loss. At the same time, it supplies electrolytes that are necessary for the proper functioning of the brain, heart and muscles.

When digestion calms down, you can give the dog Protein Mush - an easily digestible protein porridge. Thanks to this, the dog gets digestible nutrients without you slapping his stomach.

Prevention of digestive problems in dogs

  1. Before you go on a trip and see that the dog is not well, think twice about whether to go at all. You know your dog best, so you can see if it's just nausea or something bigger.
  2. Always keep Poop Good in your drawer or backpack. In addition to first aid, it also represents suitable prevention. Add it to the food 3 times a week and the dog's digestion will be healthier. In addition, it also works against flatulence, so you don't have to keep the window down for the entire journey...
  3. If your dog eats something outside on a walk and you don't know what it was, be sure to add Poop Good to the next dose of food.
  4. Monitor your dog's eating habits and do not drastically change the diet when other stressors affect the dog - in the summer, for example, heat. Everything takes time and changing the dog's diet should be gradual.


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