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How to give your dog energy and ensure proper regeneration

How to give your dog energy and ensure proper regeneration

How to give your dog energy and ensure proper regeneration

Vitality and energy are the basis for a happy and active life for your dog. Whether it's games in the park, long walks or sports activities, every dog ​​needs enough energy for their adventures. And this is where proper nutrition, regeneration and care play a key role.

Joint nutrition for healthy movement without pain

After the activity, it is important to ensure that your dog has enough nutrients to regenerate the joints and cartilage. Joint nutrition contains substances such as glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen and MSM, which help keep joints healthy and flexible and pain-free. By regularly providing joint nutrition, you will ensure preventive protection of the dog's musculoskeletal system and contribute to its long-term health. One package lasts up to 6 months.

Joint nutrition for dogs

Protein - the basis of proper regeneration

During the dog's activity, its muscle fibers are damaged, which need to be "repaired" during regeneration. This is a completely natural process of muscle mass growth. If you live an active life with your dog, don't forget about enough protein in your diet.
You can easily add protein with Recovery - protein for dogs. It is ideal for proper regeneration after training, a longer walk, agility and the like. It contains a balanced amount of proteins, amino acids and other important nutrients that support the rapid recovery of muscle mass and overall regeneration of the organism.

Protein for dogs

Ultimate vitality support - Imunovital

Strengthening the immune system is key to maintaining a dog's vitality and life energy.

Imunivital is a food supplement that contains more than 20 active substances from around the world. For example, klanopruska, rosehip extract, turmeric or echinacea help to recharge vital energy. These herbs support the immune system, help fight fatigue and increase your dog's overall vitality.

You can add Imunovital to both classic granules and BARF.

Immunovital for dogs


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