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How to protect your dog from ticks: Natural vs. veterinary protection

How to protect your dog from ticks: Natural vs. veterinary protection

How to protect your dog from ticks: Natural vs. veterinary protection

For how small they are, they can cause a lot of trouble. Ticks can carry serious diseases such as borreliosis or babesiosis. So how to protect your four-legged friend efficiently, but at the same time gently? We offer you two paths – one natural and one, more professionally focused, with the support of veterinary care.

The Natural Way: The Power of Brewer's Yeast

The best tick is the one that doesn't stick. Nature offers many ways to protect dogs against ticks. Brewer's yeast is one of the key helpers. These little miracles are rich in B-vitamins, which play a vital role in metabolism. When they are processed in the dog's body, substances are created that are subsequently excreted through the dog's skin and function as a natural repellant.
In addition, they improve the quality of your dog's skin and coat.

How to use yeast?

You can reach directly for brewer's yeast , which you add to your dog's food.

Yeast against ticks

The second option is to give your dog products that contain yeast and at the same time provide other health benefits.
The most popular preparation is Imunovital , which, in addition to yeast, contains another 20 active substances from around the world for the most effective support of dog immunity and vitality.

The best vitamins for dogs

You can also try the Everyday Balancer , which provides a complete daily dose of essential nutrients to help keep your dog in top condition. Also ideal for raw meat feeding (BARF).

BARF balancer

Veterinary protection: Rely on the experts

Although natural methods are gentle on your canine friend, sometimes you need to reach for a more effective solution. For maximum protection, it is advisable to consult a preventive care plan with your veterinarian. He can recommend different forms of protection, which is designed to be as effective as possible and at the same time safe for your dog.

Veterinary products usually offer longer-term protection and are scientifically tested to ensure that ticks and other parasites do not harm your dog. These solutions may be more effective when the presence of ticks is more pronounced or if your dog spends a lot of time outdoors.


Whether you decide to protect your dog with natural supplements or you prefer a professional veterinary solution, it is important not to forget regular checks of your dog's coat and skin. Ticks are inconspicuous invaders, but with adequate preparation and care , you can effectively counter their attacks.


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