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How to calm a stressed dog?

How to calm a stressed dog?

Stress is a big burden for dogs. They usually appear during exceptional events that disrupt the daily routine, through fear or illness.

How to relieve stress in a dog

Be cool, especially you
The important thing is that you always feel good about yourself. The dog needs to feel safe from you. Do not comfort the dog unnecessarily, this will only confirm to him that something is happening. If stress appears suddenly, without an obvious cause, you should see a veterinarian.

Use DOG 3%
It is a natural way to calm the dog, and at the same time it does not have side effects like some pills. It will help the dog with socialization, fears and anxieties. It is a purely natural veterinary product that will calm the dog's psyche, improve its concentration and help balance hormone levels.

Don't punish the dog
Do not punish the dog for his behavior when stressed. Rather, reward him for every success in overcoming his fear.

Prevention and training
When you know that a stressful situation is approaching (a storm, New Year's Eve, a big celebration), it is good to prepare for it.
When the dog is younger, it can be trained to get used to situations - socialization, driving a car, etc.

dog 3%

Why does the dog have anxiety and fear?

Unfortunately, some dogs are born with a predisposition to fear. However, if you work with a puppy from a young age, it can be taught a lot of things to get along better with people and other dogs.

DOG 3% will help the dog better concentrate on your commands and you will more easily guide him through the situation.

Bad experience
It can be an unpleasant experience at the vet, where you have taken your dog by car once and he will already be afraid of cars. Or he was attacked by another dog and will have a problem with socialization.

Owners of shelters who deal with abused dogs know about it. Chance is a jerk, but most cases can be prevented with prevention and proper training.
Thanks to Dog 3%, the dog will be in greater mental well-being, will not be under stress and will adapt to new situations faster.

Health problems
Stress can also cause a health problem. The dog may be irritable and hide. Therefore, do not underestimate stress in a dog and, if necessary, seek the help of a veterinarian.


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