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How to strengthen immunity and improve a dog's digestion?

How to strengthen immunity and improve a dog's digestion?

How to strengthen immunity and improve a dog's digestion?

A dog's immunity and digestion go hand in hand (or paw in paw). Without healthy digestion, even the dog's defenses cannot function properly.

That's why everything starts with proper nutrition and enough exercise.

A dog's immunity should not be underestimated, as health problems often develop. Weakened immunity leads to more diseases, which means worse digestion (less nutrients), more visits to the vet (more stress) and this further weakens immunity.

For overall support of the dog's immunity and energy, use Imunovital . Ultimate health support with the best ingredients from around the world.

Imunovital immune support for dogs

Digestion and proper nutrition of the dog

The basis is always enough nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It doesn't matter if you feed BARF or pellets, the quality of the food should not be underestimated.

The most common problems include:

  • anorexia
  • indigestion and vomiting
  • lack of energy
  • poor condition
  • deterioration of the quality of fur, skin

The most common causes of indigestion

Just like humans, dogs suffer from allergies. The solution is simple. You need to go to the vet and find out what allergens your dog is sensitive to. The most common foods are chicken or fish. Another common allergen is various grasses and pollens. You can reduce the allergic reaction by using DOG 3% veterinary drops.

TIP: How to supplement Omega 3 and Omega 6 if the dog is allergic to fish? Try hemp oil for dogs Konopák .

Bad diet
Sometimes the dog does not like the type of kibble or some part of the BARF diet. Sometimes he eats what he doesn't have on a walk. Vomiting and diarrhea are a defense reaction of the body to get bad substances out of the body. Use Poop Good with activated charcoal as first aid for a dog's digestive problems. It calms digestion, stops diarrhea and helps remove toxins from the body.

Poop Good activated charcoal for dogs

Vitamin and mineral deficiency, oils
If you feed with pellets, get some good ones that contain enough nutrients. The best pellets you can get are Edens for us.
For enough vitamins and minerals, add a teaspoon of Vit&Minu to the diet - it contains the most important nutrients for the healthy development of the dog.

Every feeding should also include healthy oils . They supply the necessary unsaturated fatty acids and ensure the proper development of the brain and nervous system

Immunity and vitality of the dog

A healthy immune system can easily deal with viruses, bacteria and yeast. On the contrary, the dog's weakened defenses lead to a range of emotions, worse regeneration, and a decrease in energy.

The most common causes of poor immunity

Lack of nutrients
We write about this above. You can supplement nutrients, minerals, vitamins and micronutrients with either Vit&Min or complex Imunovital. A dog's health is a complex matter, and thanks to high-quality and varied nutrition, other processes in the dog's body can function properly. For long-term weakened immunity, add colostrum or betaglucan to the dog's diet.

Betaglucan for dogs

Stress significantly weakens the dog's immune system. During periods of stress, prevention (sufficient supply of nutrients) and addressing the causes of stress are important. You can support your dog's psyche with the veterinary preparation DOG 3%. It effectively reduces stress hormones, induces calm, but does not "numb" the dog. On the contrary, it will support his concentration and mental strength.

dog 3%

Insufficient vaccination
Always consult your vet about which vaccinations your dog should have, so you don't unnecessarily risk his health.

Prevention for proper digestion and strong immunity of the dog

It is better to prevent problems than to solve them.

Movement and walks
When walking outside, the dog comes into contact with microorganisms and bacteria, thanks to which his body learns to fight them and develops a greater resistance to them. Without regular contact with viruses and bacteria, the dog's immunity will be helpless in crisis situations.

The right accessories
Immunity is best supported by Imunovital . We developed it together with veterinarians, creating the most comprehensive supplement for dogs to support immunity. It contains over 20 active substances from all over the world, which will strengthen the dog's immunity and give it vital energy.
Every dog ​​owner should have Poop Good as a first aid for digestive problems. But you can include it in your diet once in a while as a prevention.
You can also add the right herbs - in the Herbix mixture you will find a mix of the best herbs for the dog's digestion. They can calm the stomach, help nutrients to be better absorbed and reduce flatulence.

Herbs for dogs


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