How to care for a dog's joints | The most common causes of bad joints– Canis Lab

How to care for a dog's joints | The most common causes of bad joints

How to care for a dog's joints | The most common causes of bad joints

Move, but don't overexert the dog

The dog must have enough exercise to regularly engage and strengthen all muscles. Thanks to this, you will also keep his bones and joints in good condition.

The most common joint problems:

Pulled muscle
If a dog is limping after a long walk or exercise, it may just be a pulled muscle. For faster and more efficient regeneration, give your dog Recovery in his food after activity.

Inflammation can also cause the dog's mobility to deteriorate. These can have various causes (infections, injuries...). In case of mild inflammation, the dog's body will take care of itself. Veterinary drops DOG 3% , which have strong anti-inflammatory effects, can also help.

If the dog is limping, it is compensating for some injury. It can be something as simple as a pulled muscle, but it can also be something more serious. If the lameness persists, seek veterinary advice.


For clubs, prevention is extremely important. For healthy joints, it is necessary to supply them with the right nutrients in the form of joint nutrition.
Thanks to this, the joints will have enough fluid, they will slide properly and the dog has the maximum range of motion.

Movement joint nutrition for dogs

Proper joint nutrition

Joint nutrition for dogs is a very effective prevention if you want your dog to lead a long active life. A hat should not be missing in the drawer of every breeder, especially if you play sports with your dog. Thanks to the joint, we will avoid a number of problems.

What should the most effective joint nutrition for dogs contain?

Hydrolyzed collagen is the basic building material of tendons, cartilage, ligaments and tissues. It strengthens the whole body and supports the natural development of joints. The hydrolyzed form is many times more effective against classic collagen.

Glucosamine sulfate occurs naturally in articular cartilage. Together with collagen, it takes care of the elastic mass of cartilage. Thanks to this, the joints and bones do not wear out as much.

Shark cartilage maintains the high quality of joints, tendons, bones and teeth. In addition, it supports the function of nerve transmissions and muscle activity.

Chondroitin sulfate takes care of the regeneration of joints and cartilage. It increases the mobility of the joints and maintains their flexibility. Its effectiveness increases with vitamin C, which strengthens immunity and participates in a number of processes in the animal's body.

MSM is a sulfur-containing compound commonly found in vegetables, fruits or grains. Sulfur is crucial in many bodily functions and in the regeneration of healthy tissue. It also helps detoxify heavy metals from the body and supports healthy liver function. For joints, it is important for the proper incorporation of collagen in the cartilage. MSM works against joint pain – it is a natural analgesic. It contributes to the breakdown of damaged tissue. It has a beneficial effect on the skin, coat and claws.
MSM also serves as a carrier of the above-mentioned substances - without MSM, the active substances do not reach where they are supposed to.

You can find all these substances in Movement joint nutrition .

How long does joint nutrition for dogs last?

Our joint nutrition for dogs Movement lasts up to half a year at an average dosage.
It is always dosed for 3 months + a month break, one package is enough for two cycles.
For a medium-sized dog, one dose of joint nutrition costs CZK 2.50.

What is the best joint nutrition for dogs?

The answer is simple. The one that really works.

We tested Movement joint nutrition with world champions in mushigo.
Mushing is one of the most demanding dog sports, where dogs pull sleds, bicycles or running human competitors. There is a lot of pressure on the joints and the entire musculoskeletal system, and the dog must be in top condition to handle everything.
The test went well, the dogs improved their condition, strengthened their joints and generally improved their movement. With Movement, you can be sure that your dog's joints will receive the best care , whether you are doing mushing, agility or hiking and hiking.

Movement for dogs on joints


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