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New Year's Eve with a dog | How to handle it calmly

New Year's Eve with a dog | How to handle it calmly

How to calm a dog on New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is the most stressful day of the year for a dog. However, with the right preparation, New Year's Eve can be spent calmly, without stress and cultivating trauma. What should you know about New Year's Eve and how to prepare for it?

The following tips require some practice and preparation. If you are looking for a quick and immediate solution , DOG 3% drops have proven to be the most effective for all our customers. It is an herbal extract that calms the dog's psyche (psyche) without having sedative effects.

Prepare in advance

Prevention is the best way, so prepare ahead of time for New Year's Eve.

Training is the key to success. Our task is to associate the sound of fireworks in the dog's head with something pleasant, and not with the end of the world. In order to achieve this, we must start training with sound to such an extent that he hears, perceives, but is not afraid. A washing machine or maybe just a phone is enough for us. Gradually, at a low volume, which we subsequently increase, we play the sounds of celebrations, fireworks and the like.

We then work with the dog through simple reward for attention, favorite tricks, or playing with a favorite toy. Anything your dog likes. We are gradually increasing the scarecrow in the form of sound. Behaviors he could handle at low volume may not be able to handle once we turn up the volume. So we go back a step and add another level of volume only when the dog can easily handle the current one. If we were to go after the dog too quickly, he might get scared unnecessarily and we would go back to the beginning. So it is necessary to proceed slowly and calmly before reaching the highest level, which is the real fireworks. Just practice for a few minutes a day and you will see that it will make the whole New Year's Eve situation easier.

How to calm a dog on New Year's Eve

Lead by example

You are the pack leader for your dogs and they turn to you when they don't know what to do. Therefore, you must remain completely calm during New Year's Eve. Definitely don't go into the new year with the idea of ​​a horrible evening with a scared dog. You are unnecessarily transferring your stress onto the dog. We must be a support, an example and a safe place for Hafan. Cannonballs will probably annoy our day from the morning and we need to take that into account. So, first of all, try to act as if nothing is happening. No coaxing, comforting, or pitying… you have to show the dog that he has nothing to fear and you won't achieve that by pitying him. So stay on top of things. Be his brave partner who will give him confidence.

Psychological support

There are a number of medications on the market that are meant to calm a dog down. But we personally do not recommend them. Most of them work on the principle that the dog only physically calms down, but still fully perceives what is happening around. Can you imagine the stress when there's a bunch of scary noises all around you and you can't even move?

They are a much better alternative natural drops DOG 3% . It is a veterinary product that helps calm the dog's psyche, but does not dull the senses. Thanks to this, he will take the whole New Year's Eve with greater calmness and perspective. This is help that has been proven over the years, and we cannot afford to let it go.

Day D - spend New Year's Eve in peace

New Year's Eve is here. The dog will probably know that something is going on, either from your preparations or what is happening outside. But don't let your routine get thrown off. Proven tricks to survive New Year's Eve in peace are then:

Tire the dog
Make your walk or workout longer. Be careful - don't go out at the busiest times when it will be cracking all around. And also keep your dog on a lead at all times.

Calm music
Dogs love music, and calm music will help drown out the chaos and noise outside.

A big bone, puzzles and other things that will occupy the dog's brain for a long time will definitely come in handy during the evening.

Safe place
Try to eliminate the sensations from the outside. Draw the curtains and make a safe place for the dog to hide.

Beware of alcohol and food
Keep an eye on what the dog eats and drinks, so that you don't find an empty bottle and the dog will go around and throw up all over the living room.

Calming the dog on New Year's Eve


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