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Canicross | Run With Your Dog

Canicross | Run With Your Dog

If you live an active life with your dog, you couldn't help but hear about canicross. It is one of the most popular dog sports, which is winning more and more human and canine hearts here.

What is canicross?

Canicross is a unique sport that will captivate you with its simplicity and complexity at the same time. The word "Canicross" was created by combining the words "canine" ("pertaining to dogs") and "cross-country" (cross-country and off-road running). Chili - Running with the dog.
A person runs with a dog attached to a harness by means of an elastic leash. The runner and the dog together form a team and participate in the performance together.

Canicross originated from mushing (dog sled racing), when running was practiced in the summer off-season when there was no snow. Over time, canicross became independent and, due to its accessibility, became a popular dog sport. It has the greatest tradition in the Nordic countries, France, Holland and Belgium. Even in such competition, Czechs and Slovaks are among the best competitors. And most of them are part of our sports team. Get inspired by the champions!

Benefits of canicross for a dog

Canicross is not only a great way to keep your dog in shape, but it provides many other benefits.

Running is a natural activity for dogs and canicross allows them to release their energy. Regular running helps improve the dog's condition, strengthens its muscles and joints, and contributes to maintaining a healthy weight. An important aspect of canicross is also the strengthening of the bond between the dog and its owner, as joint activities deepen mutual trust and communication.

Benefits of canicross for you

Canicross is not only beneficial for the dogs, but also for you. Running with your dog is a great way to get outside, exercise and spend quality time with your four-legged friend. Running will improve your physical condition, as well as bring joy and improve your overall well-being. Canicross is the ideal motivation for regular training and helps reduce stress and tension in everyday life.

What is canicross?

What breed of dog is suitable for canicross

Size doesn't matter, every dog ​​has an athlete. If you are going to run with your dog as a hobby, canicross is suitable for all dog breeds. However, if you want to run more, you have to use common sense. If you weigh 90 kilos, you won't run much with a Chihuahua...

In general, medium and larger dog breeds are suitable for canicross.

However, the age of the dog is more important than the size. Start running when the dog is more than a year old and its muscles and locomotor system have finished developing. If you are not sure if you can start now, ask your vet.

How to start canicross?

If you want to start canicross, just run. If you want advice from the more experienced, join the training from some canicross clubs.
If you want to start on your own, you will need a seat for yourself, a harness for your dog and an elastic leash to connect you.
Then it's enough to go out into nature (avoid the asphalt) and you'll start training.

First you have to teach the dog to pull (so the opposite of what he was taught until now). Ideally, go out with someone else so that your dog sees the other person pulling and runs after him.

Start with short distances (0.5-1 km) and gradually increase.

You and your dog need to get used to running together. Once aligned, you'll be racing through the forest in complete harmony.
Don't run when it's too hot outside to avoid overheating the dog. During the summer, therefore, run early in the morning or in the evening when the temperatures drop.

Basic nutrition for canicross

If you are going to do sports with your dog more often, you need to supply him with more nutrients. Only then will the sport be healthy and safe for the dog.

Level: beginner

If you are just starting out with the sport, you need to provide the dog with extra fats and vitamins.
Oils for dogs - choose salmon or hemp oil for dogs . Fats are important for a dog because they draw energy from them.
Vitamins for dogs Vit&Min - we have mixed the ideal composition of vitamins and minerals for you. Thanks to them, hormones will be formed correctly, the muscles and brain will work, and the dog's organism will function as it should.

Level: advanced

In addition to the previous supplements, you will need to add:

Protein - For increased performances, it is important to supply extra protein. Thanks to this, regeneration will be more effective and the dog will be stronger after sports and will train well. You will also protect his muscular apparatus. Choose Recovery or Protein Mush .
Joint nutrition - so that you can play sports together with your dog in the future, take care of your dog's joints, ligaments and tendons.
Speed&Power - supplies the dog with energy and nutrients before exercise and ensures proper hydration.

Level: Racer

You already go to races and you take canicross seriously. Get the dog:

Recharger - a protein porridge that you give your dog immediately after exercise, starts a more effective regeneration
Stamina Booster - during intense exercise, you will give your dog extra energy, endurance and protect his muscular system. At the same time, you will support the activity of the heart and brain.


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