Tereza Zasadilova | Junior World Champion– Canis Lab

Tereza Zasadilova | Junior World Champion

Tereza Zasadilova | Junior World Champion

My name is Terka, I actively race ESP Falcon (scooter) and Pluto (canicross).

I have been mushing since I was 6 years old. I started with a Siberian husky and gradually switched to ESP.

I consider 1st place at the ME FISTC in junior and women's canicross 2021 (SH), 1st place at the WC WSA skiöring 2022 (SH), 4th place ME IFSS scooter 2022 (ESP), 1st and 3rd place as our greatest achievements. place MČR skiöring 2022 (ESP, SH), 2nd place MČR canicross 2023 (ESP), 3rd place MS canicros 2023 (ESP)

Dog nutrition tips

Our favorite supplements are Speed&Power , Recovery and Imunovital .
Speed&Power gives our dogs energy before the race and training, Recovery after and before the training/race relaxes the muscles nicely and is their reward, which they are always happy about! Another must-have is Imunovital, which ensures healthy dogs throughout the season.

I give the dogs Imunovital , Kelp and Movement all year round. Oils are also important, I liked Omega 3 and Salmon .

How to play sports with a dog so that it is healthy and safe?

Use dietary supplements! Accessories are just as important for us as for dogs! I can see from them that they really help them and we avoid all the health problems that could arise. Thanks to Canis Lab supplements, we don't have to visit the vet so often.

Tips to become a champion

How to become a champion? Have a goal! It will be difficult without a goal and a dream! Make the most of yourself! It is the biggest step to success. Train the dog appropriately when you start training before the season, give the dog shorter sections and gradually increase the distance according to performance! If you see that it is too much for the dog, it is better to stop the training. Health is more important!

Run, race and see you at the starting line!


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