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How to support the regeneration of a dog | What to give a dog after sports

How to support the regeneration of a dog | What to give a dog after sports

How to proceed after the race / training

Add water and protein

Immediately after the exercise, the dog must receive water and protein. Both are necessary for successful regeneration, but mainly for the overall health of the dog. You won't have a problem with water for sure, the dog swallows like it's for life. However, getting protein into it can be difficult, because after the exercise the dog will not want to eat anything. Therefore, add to the water Recovery , which is a high-quality water-soluble protein with other essential substances that the dog needs right after exercise.

Recovery for canine regeneration of protein supply


Now it's time to calm the dog down, go outside, exhale and stretch. Each owner has their own unique style of handling this process

30 minutes after performance

Now the dog is at rest and can get the nutrients it lost during the race/training that will kick-start the proper regeneration. The main ones are proteins and minerals. You can find all the important substances for starting regeneration in the Recharger product. A team of veterinarians, nutritionists and mushing world champions took part in its development.

Recharger regeneration porridge for dogs

Dinner after the performance

Add healthy oils to your dog's food (e.g. salmon oil for dogs ). They contain a high proportion of Omega 3 and Omega 6, which are important for the healthy development of the dog.
Don't forget joint nutrition . Movement is a professional joint nutrition that guarantees the dog long-term healthy and pain-free movement.

The best joint nutrition for dogs

If you feed your dog meat (BARF), use lighter meat (fish, white meat). This contains faster-digesting proteins and does not burden the dog's digestion as much, so the body can fully devote itself to regeneration.

Why it is important to supplement protein and other nutrients

During exercise, there is micro-damage to the muscles, which are "torn". That's not bad. It's a natural process - the exact same way your muscles work when you go to the gym. Damaged muscles are repaired during regeneration and proteins are used as building material. So if you supply your dog with enough protein after exercise, his body will use it to repair the strained muscles, which will grow as a result.

It is equally important to add minerals and fats after exercise.
Fats are a key source of energy for dogs. After the exercise, the dog's body will start using the stored fat. So that the dog does not take "from his own", it is necessary to add fats and thereby also support metabolic processes and cell health.

In turn, minerals are essential for a number of biological functions, including fluid regulation, nerve signal transmission, and muscle contraction. During exercise, dogs lose minerals, and if not adequately replenished after exercise, this can lead to electrolyte imbalances, which can cause muscle cramps, fatigue and other health problems.


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