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How to compose a dog's portion according to energy expenditure

How to compose a dog's portion according to energy expenditure

How to feed a dog according to its energetic output

In the previous article, we showed how to calculate how much energy a dog needs from food .
Today we will look at how and from what to compose the feed ration.

How to feed BARF

When barfing, we have to distinguish whether our dog is doing a classic, normal activity or is an athlete.

In general, for non-athletes, it is recommended to divide the portions as follows:

  • 50-60% meat and bones - of which 70% muscle and 30% viscera
  • 20-30% side dish - of which 60% vegetables, 30% fruit and 10% cereal

This is a ration for a classic dog .
A sporting dog has completely different needs. Therefore, it must be based on total calories and not on the volume of the ration.

In general, for sporting dogs, we recommend feeding them as follows:

For dog athletes and "sprinter" dogs (3 - 6 km run in a sled):

  • 40-45% of kcal protein
  • 25-30% of kcal fat
  • 15-20% of kcal carbohydrates
    provided that:
  • 1 g of protein = 4 kcal
  • 1 g of fat is = 9 kcal
  • 1 g of carbohydrate = 4 kcal

If your dog prefers longer routes (mid-long), we recommend increasing the fat ratio.

Example :
According to the instructions from the previous article, I calculated that my dog ​​needs 2400 kcal per day.

  • 40% of 2400 = 960 kcal of protein - 1 g of protein is 4 kcal - 240 g of protein in total
  • 25% of 2400 = 600 kcal of fat - 1 g of fat is 9 kcal - 66 g of fat in total
  • 20% of 2400 = 480 kcal - 1 g of carbohydrate is 4 kcal - a total of 120 g of carbohydrates
How to feed a sports dog

What foods to choose

This depends a lot on your feeding style. Here are a few examples:

If I wanted to cover the 240g of protein, I would need 1kg of chicken.
For 120 g of carbohydrates, I need 170 g of rice.
If I used pork instead of chicken, I will also cover some of the fat. I will supplement the rest with feed oils for dogs . In case I have longer races, I choose crackers.

In sports dogs, the energy expenditure is so great that sometimes we can no longer increase the portion of food. In that case, we supplement the protein with feed supplements. E.g. protein for dogs Recovery will provide quality protein without increasing the portion size. For a more complex supplement with proteins and carbohydrates, you can use Protein mush for dogs.

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Vegetables for dogs

We recommend vegetables as a side dish. But we completely understand that you don't want to constantly cut, grate and peel. That's why we produced dried vegetables for dogs Vegáč . It contains high-quality dried vegetables specially mixed for dogs. And what's even better is that you only need to pour hot water and you have a healthy side dish ready.

Side dish for dogs - dried vegetables vegan


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