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How to improve dog kibble: add the right food supplements

How to improve dog kibble: add the right food supplements

How to improve dog kibble: add the right food supplements

Do you feel that classic pellets are no longer good enough for your dog? Many dog ​​owners are looking for ways to enrich their four-legged friend's diet with additional nutrients and healthy ingredients. And we will advise you how to do it!

What granules should and should not contain

Before we get down to improving kibbles, it's important to know what they should and shouldn't contain. Quality pellets should be rich in meat, contain enough protein and fat, but at the same time have low cereal content and artificial ingredients.

Look for pellets with a high meat content and low grain content. Next, focus on the protein, fat and fiber content. Quality pellets should have proteins at least at the level of 20-30%, fats around 15-20% and fiber up to 5%. You should avoid granules with a high content of artificial ingredients and preservatives.

What are the best kibbles for dogs? We have already done the research and it works best Eden granules , which are closest in composition to natural dog food (BARF). Thanks to this, you can also use them as transitional granules for BARF.

How to improve pellets

If you use other granules, it is good to give them a little help in terms of nutritional value. You can easily do that, thanks dog food supplements .

Healthy oils for dogs

Start with the basics – oils . These should not be missing from any dog's ration. They add a lot of nutrients and taste great at the same time. Hemp oil is an excellent source of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which support a healthy heart and joints. In addition, they help maintain the proper functioning of the immune system.
Salmon oil for dogs it is also a great source of omega 3 fatty acids and supports a healthy and beautiful coat.
Simply by adding oil to the feed you will increase its nutritional value.

Oils for dogs

The most important nutrients for every day - balancer

Do you want to be sure that the dog has enough of all nutrients? Add Everyday Balancer . It is a mixture of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients that will ensure that your dog receives all the necessary nutrients for healthy development. Add balancer into pellets and you don't have to worry about your dog missing something.

Everyday Balancer vitamins for dogs

Support of immunity and vital energy

Immunovital is a food supplement that contains more than 20 active substances from around the world that support the dog's immunity and vitality. Due to its composition, it is the most popular preparation that you can find on the market. By adding Immunovital in the granules, you will help your dog maintain a strong immunity.

Imunovital best vitamins for dogs

Joint nutrition - not only for active dogs

If your dog has joint problems or you want to prevent them, we recommend adding joint nutrition to the granules. Joint nutrition for dogs Movement contains substances such as glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen and MSM, which support joint health and protect them from wear and tear. Developed and tested by world mushing champions. You can be sure that it works 100% even in the most demanding conditions.

Joint nutrition for dogs


In cheaper types of kibble, the protein content may be lower than what the dog needs for healthy muscle development. Quality protein Recovery it simply supplies protein and improves the composition of even lower-quality granules.

Protein for sports dogs


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