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Agility | What it is and how to get started

Agility | What it is and how to get started

Agility is the most open dog sport. It can be done by any breed of dog at any age. Whether you start agility "just" as part of training or you want to win competitions, thanks to it you will always strengthen the bond with your dog. You will find out how to do it in the article.

What is Agility?

Dog agility is close to horse parkour. You form a team with your dog and together you have to overcome a series of obstacles. You try to master the marked route as quickly as possible and with as few mistakes as possible.
You, as a handler, guide your dog through obstacles with verbal commands and gestures. The dog then overcomes several types of obstacles - jumping, zone, tunnels and slalom.
The referee supervises the correct execution of all obstacles at official races.

There are 3 levels in agility to pit equally good opponents against each other:

  • A1 - beginners
  • A2 - higher category
  • A3 - elite competitors

But there are also so-called open runs where anyone can sign up and participants of different levels compete together.
Races are always adapted to the dog's abilities, so you can really start with a dog of any age. If you already have an older dog, just choose an easier race where there are no jumps, for example.
If you want to support your dog's joints, get him Movement joint nutrition . It is developed together with veterinarians and professional athletes.

Benefits of agility for the dog

Agility is a sport, it's running, it's movement. The dog thus improves its physique . However, you will also practice his obedience, receptivity and cleverness together. Agility is a great command training . You will teach the dog to listen to the word and in a fun way. But the most important thing is that you spend time together and strengthen your bond.

The benefits of agility for you

Agility is not as physically demanding for the human part of the team as, for example, canicross . You can therefore start agility at any age and physical condition . But that doesn't mean you won't sweat. You don't have to crawl through tunnels like your dog, but you will definitely run.

What breed of dog is suitable for agility

All dog breeds can do agility. It doesn't even matter the age of the dog - even an old dog can be taught new agility tricks.

However, some breeds are more suitable than others.
You will most often see shelties, border collies, Australian shepherds, border terriers, Belgian shepherds or poodles at the races.
If your dog does not belong to these breeds, do not despair at all. Agility can be repaired by any breed.

How to get started with agility

If you want to start with agility, it's a good idea to go to a joint training session . Agility is widespread here, and finding someone nearby should not be a problem.

The basis of agility is positive motivation. Be prepared to praise the dog a lot. For this, it is advisable to buy high-quality treats - Dogula are made of real meat and contain only natural ingredients.

During longer training, it is good to give the dog energy. Turbogules - energy treats for dogs - are perfect for this.

Basic dog nutrition for agility

As with any activity, proper hydration is important. So don't forget to drink plenty of water. If you train agility and it's also hot, it's a good idea to get your dog a Hydrant , it will help you properly hydrate your dog.
If you already go to races and are serious about Agility, get your dog Speed&Power as well. It will give him energy and important substances for sports, such as minerals and vitamins. Speed&Power is used by professional dog racers.

In order for the dog's body to function properly, it is good to supply it with all the necessary minerals and vitamins. The dog does not get these from the pellets and it is necessary to supply them extra. You can get all the most important nutrients with Vit&Min


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