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Free nutrition consultation

Free nutrition consultation

Do you play sports with your dog and want to be sure that your four-legged friend has the right nutrition?
Write to our counseling office!

Professionals from our team of nutritionists will help you set up a nutrition plan to meet your dog's needs.

Write to
Or call +420 777 611 050

What to write?

The more you tell us, the more accurate the plan will be. Be sure to write basic information such as:

  • breed, age, sex of the dog
  • what sport do you do
  • if you feed pellets, BARF or mix
  • Does the dog have any health problems?

If we need more information, we will ask right away.

The consultation is free

Our goal is for dogs to use their full potential and for the sport to be healthy and safe for them. That's why our consultation is completely free.

Just write 🙂

We stand behind the results

All our products are based on the Fast&Healthy system . Our goal is for your dog to fully unlock its potential and at the same time make sports and activities healthy and safe for him. Maximum performance, maximum health.
We develop all products together with veterinarians , with whom we adjust the composition down to the smallest detail, so that it is truly functional and each individual component makes sense.

In addition, we test the resulting products with our sports team , which is one of the best in the world!
Our competitors regularly collect medals from the European and World Championships. Do you want to be inspired by how champions approach nutrition?
These professional athletes help us verify the functionality of the products in the most demanding conditions. That's why we can say that our products are backed by real results.


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