Instructions: Imunovital or Everyday balancer? How to choose– Canis Lab

Instructions: Imunovital or Everyday balancer? How to choose

Instructions: Imunovital or Everyday balancer? How to choose

Summer brought two major additions to our product line. Together with more than 900 BARFars, we developed a new balnacer to deliver all the necessary nutrients Everyday balancer . And we significantly modified the composition of Imunovital to make it even better, more functional and more beneficial for dog health .

So what should you choose if you want to support your dog's health?

Everyday balancer

It is intended for daily use throughout the year . We developed it to deliver all the essential nutrients when feeding BARF. It contains vitamins, minerals, herbs and oils, which are necessary for the functioning of the dog's organism.

You don't have to buy a lot of individual preparations, mix and measure the ideal proportions. You already have everything mixed.

Use : with BARF diet. Together with some of the oils, it is the only preparation you need for the daily feeding of your dog.
Add to the food every day and you are sure that your dog will get all the necessary nutrients.

BARF everyday balancer - minerals and vitamins for dogs


It is intended for intensive support of immunity and all aspects of dog health. It contains antioxidants, adaptogens, will support the internal microbiome, boost immunity and add vitality to both young dogs and dog veterans. It is suitable for feeding BARF and granules.
Its composition is truly unique and has no competition. You can find the complete composition of Imunovital here .

Use : When you want to support your dog's health and immunity. It serves as prevention and is especially popular during autumn and winter. Just sprinkle it in the feed.

Vitamins and minerals for dogs

Can they be combined?

Yes, they can be used together.
If you use Everyday balancer daily, then you only need to add Imunovital a few times a week.
If you do not use Everyday, then you can add Imunovital to the ration every day.


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