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Barf diet for a dog or when he has diarrhea

Barf diet for a dog or when he has diarrhea

Barf diet for a dog or when he has diarrhea

Digestive problems afflict many dogs, and even dogs fed the BARF method cannot avoid them. So what to do if your dog has diarrhea? Keep calm, you can do it !

What about diarrhea in a dog? Put your diet first

When dog excrement is too runny to bag, a light diet of boiled chicken and rice and a special Poop Good mix containing black coal, zeolite (activated clinoptiolite), pectin and silica comes into play .

What makes Poop good so unique?

  • It cleanses the intestines of toxins and prevents further uncontrolled diarrhea.
  • The substances contained will help calm digestion and promote the excretion of toxins from the dog's body.
  • It also works well against flatulence , so you no longer have to worry about what your dog will release into the living room air during your parents' visit.

Poop Good for Dog Diarrhea

Don't forget to add Imunovital to the food ration during the diet , which will strengthen the dog's immunity. And also watch the drinking regime, because even acute diarrhea can cause rapid dehydration of the dog's entire organism. Feel free to add a little water to each diet portion as well.

You can also support a faster recovery with the vitamin mixture for dogs Vit&Min , which contains a balanced amount of vitamins and minerals in basic form so that they are as absorbable as possible.

And if your dog's condition does not improve a few days after starting the diet, visit the vet immediately.

Canis Lab TIP: Interested in more? Then take a look at our articleFirst aid for diarrhea and vomiting in a dog .

RECIPE: diet for dog diarrhea

For a dietary feed dose for diarrhea in a dog, you will need:

The process of preparing this recipe is really simple. Cut the chicken breast into smaller pieces and finely grate the carrot . Then boil the pieces of chicken and carrots in clean water. Don't forget to also prepare clean rice . Mix everything and add a measured amount of Poop Good and Imunovital to the mixture (you can always find the dosage on the back of the package).

Feed this dog diarrhea diet in small portions to your canine patient. Smaller food portions are absorbed faster by the dog and at the same time you do not burden his already irritated digestion. Pay attention to really small portions, too much food is rather harmful even in the case of a diet.

diet for dogs barf recipe

How to prevent diarrhea and other digestive problems in dogs

There are dogs whose digestion is not disturbed even by eating carrion from the forest. But then there are also dogs that have sensitive tummies and suffer from diarrhea, even just from the stressful transfer to the races. You can also add Poop Good to the food as a preventive measure 3 times a week. And if your dog has just enjoyed something outside that you can't even identify, don't forget to add Poop Good to his evening feed.

And we will also give you 2 tips for super food supplements that help improve digestion. The first is our Herbix , which is a balanced blend of herbs suitable for dogs to improve digestion . It contains probiotics for the proper growth of the intestinal microflora and improves the utilization of nutrients. Although dogs are primarily carnivores, they also need something green in their bowl now and then.

And the second preparation is Everyday Balancer , in which you will find all the necessary nutrients. It also contains prebiotics that improve digestion and promote digestion.


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