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The nutrition of a dog athlete | Active Dog Needs More Than a Couch Potato

The nutrition of a dog athlete | Active Dog Needs More Than a Couch Potato

Sufficient nutrition should also be an integral part of every training session. Physiotherapy for dogs is gaining popularity. Caring for the dog's musculoskeletal system is the key to stable performance, but also to a long and happy life for your canine companion. What is not talked about much, however, is precisely the increased need for nutrients in dogs during exercise, and with it the consistent nutrition of every dog ​​athlete.

A dog athlete is a top athlete, he cannot get the same portions as a couch potato

Try to think about how elite athletes eat . In order to cover the high energy expenditure and to be able to continuously perform great, they have to take care of their body not only from the outside, but also from the inside. They need to supply the body with the necessary fuel.

With human athletes, we generally know that they can't eat the same diet as the general population. They supplement with various minerals , after training they drink recovery drinks , which supply the body with the necessary nutrients and, of course, eat better than those who do not do sports.

However, we feel that with canine athletes and working dogs under stress, they do not need anything extra from the point of view of dog feeding. But the opposite is true . We have to realize that even a dog with which we regularly run, do canicross, do agility or even rescue, has an increased energy expenditure . And the usual daily dose of dog food, which you read on the package of dog kibble, is definitely not enough for him.

Canine athlete: Increased workload = greater need for dog food and supplements

If you have a canine athlete at home, forget about reading package leaflets and recommended daily doses. Dog food manufacturers prepare food for the average dog - but the usual daily dose of food will not cover the nutritional needs of a canine athlete. An active dog not only needs more protein and fat, but its body also needs a supplement of minerals and vitamins.

In order to give your dog everything he needs, we at Canis Lab have come up with our food supplements for sports dogs , which are suitable not only for barf-fed dogs, but also for kibble-fed dogs.

What food supplements for dogs do we recommend at CanisLab:

  • Oils for dogs - you simply increase the intake of fats in the feed. Fats are the main fuel of every canine athlete, so there must be an increased supply in their diet. Omega fatty acids, in turn, support proper brain function.
  • Vitamin for dogs Vit&Min - covers the necessary supply of vitamins and other minerals. You will ensure the proper functioning of the muscles, the brain, but also the entire nervous system.
  • Protein for dogs Recovery - ideal as an evening dose of protein for better recovery on training or race day. Proteins are also a basic building block for muscles for dogs. By giving Recovery, you improve the overall regeneration of the dog's organism, but also protect the already built muscles of your dog.
  • Joint nutrition for dogs Movement - nourishes cartilage, tissues, ligaments and tendons.

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