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Fast&Healthy | Nutritional system for sports dogs

Fast&Healthy | Nutritional system for sports dogs

We have developed the Fast&Healthy nutritional system specifically for the needs of sporting dogs. They need more care and more nutrients than "couch" dogs. The idea of ​​Fast&Healthy is simple. We want to unlock the dog's maximum potential and at the same time ensure that the sport is safe and healthy for him.

"Fast&Healthy is a comprehensive nutrition system where the dog's health comes first."

A number of veterinarians and experts are involved in the development. We then test each product with professional racers. They know their dogs perfectly, so they immediately see the difference compared to "normal". Thanks to this, we can modify the products into a maximally functional form.

Fast&Healthy focuses on the dog as a whole. It comprehensively addresses the sports part of nutrition, but also regeneration, digestion, proper functioning of organs and psyche.
The products are built to meet the demanding conditions of sporting dogs . You can therefore be sure that only top ingredients are in their composition, the recipes are maximally functional and all nutrients are as absorbable as possible.

What does Fast&Healthy look like?

It all starts with nutrition. Without enough nutrients and minerals, the dog's body cannot function properly and diseases and injuries begin to manifest.
Fast&Healthy consists of 3 consecutive phases .
The first two are focused on the overall health of the dog. Owners of "non-sporting" dogs who want to live a long life without health problems can also find inspiration here.
The 3rd phase is already focused directly on the performance and health of sporting dogs.
The Fast&Healthy system is used by both amateur athletes and professional competitors, champions of the Czech Republic, Europe and the world.

  1. Quality feed
    Quality food is the absolute foundation. It must contain enough basic nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats) as well as minerals and vitamins.
    It doesn't matter if you feed with pellets or raw food ( BARF ). For both, some substances need to be supplied.

    ◼️ You can supply vitamins and minerals thanks to Vit&Min or comprehensive Imunovital .
    ◼️ Fats are provided by feed oils such as Konopák , Salmon or Macaque .
    ◼️ You can get proteins beyond feeding from Recovery or Protein Mush .
    ◼️ If you BARF, you can supply the necessary nutrients with a whole range of supplements for BARF .

  2. Comprehensive health
    Once the dog has a quality diet, we can focus on overall health. Because only a healthy dog ​​can enjoy life to the fullest.
    The aim of this phase is to ensure the proper functioning of the dog's digestion, psyche, heart, brain, nerves, joints and entire locomotor system.

    ◼️ To prevent injuries and diseases, use Movement joint nutrition , which will ensure enough nutrients for joints and bones.
    ◼️ Imunovital will supply the necessary vitamins and nutrients for lifelong dog health.
    ◼️ Poop Good ensures a well-functioning digestion.
    ◼️ You can find all products for certain dog problems in the Dog Pharmacy .

  3. Sports nutrition
    Special products for sporting dogs. We develop them with veterinarians and test them with professional athletes. Sporting dogs need extra nutrients to keep their bodies healthy and injury free. These products help improve your dog's performance while protecting his health.
    They help win world championships and most importantly - protect the health of dog champions so that sport is a safe activity for them.
    To do this, it is necessary to protect their muscles, supply the necessary energy, properly hydrate and the most important step - effectively regenerate.

    At the same time, they help return injured and sick dogs back to a normal active life.

    ◼️ Before sports, use Sped&Power, which will give your dog energy and help him hydrate properly.
    ◼️ Stamina Booster will push the dog's performance to the maximum and at the same time protect the brain, muscles and nervous system.
    ◼️ Recharger is a complex porridge that you give your dog as the first meal after exercise. It does not burden its digestion and starts regeneration.
    ◼️ Recovery supplies the necessary protein, it is in a hydrolyzed form so that it does not burden the dog's digestion. Just simply add to the feed.
    ◼️ For comprehensive nutrition, use Protein Mush, which serves as a separate meal.

What are the results of Fast&Healthy?

The results speak for our system. The victories of our competitors at competitions from the Czech Championships to the World Championships are a great indicator that Fast&Healthy works.
However, what is more important than the medals is that the canine winners are healthy. Even the fastest dogs have healthy joints and muscles, their bodies function as they should and they live happy dog ​​lives.

And that's exactly why we do it. So that the dog can use his potential, but his health does not suffer.


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