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Everyday BARFing: Everyday balancer

Everyday BARFing: Everyday balancer

Everyday BARFing: Everyday balancer

If you BARf, you know that meat alone is not enough for a dog. BARF also requires fruits, vegetables or herbs.
A lot of people are deterred from BARF by its "complexity". It is necessary to supply a lot of different substances in different proportions etc. We decided to solve this once and for all and developed a product that contains everything in one - Everyday balancer .

Sufficient vitamins and minerals in the dog

One of the biggest challenges of barfing in dogs is to supply them with enough minerals and vitamins and other important substances in the right proportions. These must be supplied, because it is not possible to obtain them only from meat.

Without enough of the right substances, the dog's body cannot function properly. And this is doubly true for sporting dogs. An overview of vitamins and minerals for dogs and where to take them can be found in the article .

The reality is that you have x bags with different materials and accessories and you mix the right ratio for your dog. If you have more than one dog, preparing Barf is a rather tedious activity.

We therefore decided to simplify BARF and create a mix that contains everything the dog needs every day and you will be sure that he will get the best in ideal proportions.

More than 900 barfarers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Who knows best what a dog needs? After all, you! That's why we did research directly among barfarians to find out what are the best substances for daily feeding.
It was attended by over 900 barfarers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and thanks to them we put together the top ingredients for BARF.

Everyday balancer barf supplement for dogs

Ratios, ratios, ratios

Based on the latest studies, together with veterinarians, we put together the ratios between the individual substances to make them as beneficial as possible for the dog on BARF.
In this way, weighing and measuring are no longer necessary - everything is already mixed in the ideal ratio.

What Everyday contains

So what ended up being the final composition of the Everyday balancer ?

Kelp, brewer's yeast, dehydrated krill, Vit&Min, spinach, nettle, basil, parsley, mint, fennel, prebiotics, hydrolyzed beef collagen, inulin, antioxidants: activated charcoal, turmeric.
List of vitamins and minerals: copper, zinc, manganese, iodine, selenium, vitamin A, vitamin D3, vitamin E, vitamin K3, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, biotin, niacinamide, folic acid, pantothenan calcium, vitamin B4, calcium dihydrogen phosphate, calcium carbonate, Omega 3 + 6.

The composition of the everyday balancer barf strava


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