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New dried BARF: Become a tester!

New dried BARF: Become a tester!

Sometimes there is simply no meat

For example, when you're on the go, you forget to defrost or the supplier is late... Is it a problem? Well, of course not, because you are prepared and have dried BARF on hand, which will fully replace the dog's ration.

And that's exactly what we're working on right now. We put together the ultimate recipe for dried BARF to contain everything that a ration does, just without the water.
We don't want to make another impractical "powder", but compact BARF nuggets that will contain only quality meat, vegetables, herbs and other supplements.

can you help us

For dried BARF to be 100%, as many people as possible from the BARF community must participate in its development.
Please give us 3 minutes of your time and fill out a short questionnaire.

In a week, we will draw 10 testers who will receive the newly produced dried BARF for testing.

How to do it?

Fill out a short questionnaire and we will then randomly select a few people who will help us catch up on the attachments and, above all, test them.

Barfarers for barfarers

We have already invented, developed and produced some great things together with you. Most recently, for example, attachments for BARF or the Everyday balancer.


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