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Lucia Pelikanová | World champion in canicross

Lucia Pelikanová | World champion in canicross

My name is Lucia and together with my 4-legged friends we have been doing canicross for the 3rd year.
I consider the 1st place at the ICF World Championships from the French town of Pledran (2022) and the 2nd place at the European IFSS Leipy Championships (2022) with the same dog to be our greatest achievements.
I have a border collie cross at home, with which it all started, a three-year-old ESP and a freshly bred one-year-old ESP adolescent, with which we will slowly start preparing for his first racing season.

Dog nutrition tips

First of all, feed the team what best suits the four-legged friend, every dog ​​is different and everyone is comfortable with something different.

Quality nutrition is what we care about. Due to the number of dogs, living in an apartment and frequent travel, we do not have space to store meat and accessories for barf, so we try to choose the best available accessories for the kibble, so that they spend active time with us as much and as long as possible. So we add various supplements from oils, immune support, for healthy joints to various rewards.

Before sports, definitely Speed&Power before every training session and race, we have tried and tested hydration 👌
For faster regeneration, I give a recovery drink, for guys it's probably the biggest reward after training, races... in short, after a job well done.

From Canis Lab, our biggest rescue and what we use the most are supplements to support immunity 🙏
I've been adding it to the feed every day for a year now, and thanks to it, we manage to minimize visits to the vet.
Furthermore, the magic (dog) box must not lack treats - Dogule , Regule and Turbogule , which make every walk much easier 😁 and the summoners are thus almost 100 percent!

Tips to become a champion

Adequacy and sequence in training are definitely the basis. We always start with a shorter section and gradually extend the training until we reach the race distance.
You get to know the dog best, and if there is a hint that something is not right, it is better to end the training earlier - the old saying "less is sometimes more" paid off the most for us ☺️

So catch up, friends!


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