Lubo Kočík | 8th place at the World Championships– Canis Lab

Lubo Kočík | 8th place at the World Championships

Lubo Kočík | 8th place at the World Championships

My name is Ľubo and my dog ​​RubyC. We also achieved several joint successes, our biggest one being 8th place at the ICF WC in Plédran 2022 in the bikejoring category. RubyC is the smarter one among us and he succeeded win the WC IFSS in Sweden in 2023 in the Skijoring and Combination categories together with Ján Mikuš.

How to feed a dog before a race / training

I use a lot of dog products. Before the Speed ​​& Power load , after load Recovery . They must be on every walk Dogula . Konopak and Immunovital it is the basis for dog athletes, because only a healthy dog ​​can perform at 100%. Of course, you also need to take care of your musculoskeletal system and it helps Movement . Vegan is a miracle for saving time well and Meatballs they must not be missing on longer trips to replenish energy.

Before races and heavy trainings, I give Rubyc - Speed&power and after every performance - Recovery, for a faster replenishment of all the necessary nutrients it needs for quality regeneration.

During prolonged activity, he also receives Turboball .


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